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Anthony Cater
March 19, 2018
Engl 102
Unit 1 Paper
San Andreas
San Andreas is a disaster movie released in May of 2015 that’s directed by Brad Peyton. San Andreas is an ideal day in California that turns into the worst. An earthquake hit that magnitude as 9 and cracked open the earth. Chief Raymond Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) who is a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter- rescue pilot must save the day and his family. They must make a dangerous top across the world with his Ex-wife Emma (Carla Gugino) to save his daughter Blake (Alexandria Daddario.) With them on this dangerous journey is Ben, Ollie and Daniel. Ben (Hugo Johnstone) who is playing an English Pioneer is Blake’s love interest. Ollie (Art Parkinson) is an English boy and Ben’s younger brother. Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd) who is Emma’s boyfriend and owner of a civil engineering firm. They all come together as one with their own personal strengths to help each other survive.
The movie starts off with a girl getting stuck on the edge of a cliff after a car crash and Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) who is an expert pilot rescues her. We are then taken to a unit where a professor describes how the area stretching between Nevada and California has a huge earthquake coming towards them. We are forced to go to Ray’s home and California to give the audience a view of everything that Is happening. Right in the beginning, we are told that Ray and His Wife Emma are getting a divorce and she’s moving in with her new boyfriend. While Ray is mad at Emma he gets a phone call that the possibility that an earthquake will hit them sooner than expected and she needs to be rescued. Ray guides Emma to find higher ground and is able to save her. After rescuing her Ray’s helicopter runs out of gas and have to crash while trying to land the helicopter. They are now on a mission to help save their daughter who is also stuck somewhere during an earthquake. A Tsunami then hits but they all find a wave to leave safely and go to a rescue shelter.
The main driving point of the movie was Emma and Ray Gaines coming together to help save their daughter even though they just went through a divorce and have anger between them. There was a lot of action and high thrill moments in this scene because Ray could’ve let her die when he first saw her needing to be rescued. They both could’ve been dead when the helicopter ran out of gas and crashed but he landed safely. They had to come together to find a boat to get across the waters. They fought very hard to rescue each other to get to their daughter. This showed the audience that no matter what you should always come together to help each other, especially family. In times like these you have to learn that no matter what’s going on at home, you need to leave it alone in order to get back home.
The scariest moment in the movie was when the audience thought they lost Blake and she drowned. Blake was running through the building with others while Ray and Emma are trying to escape ...


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