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Mafia. What does this word mean? The actual members of the Mafia aren't even sure where the word first originated or what it really means. One of the theories as to where the word came from is from Sicily, where people would yell " Morte alla Francia, Italia anela!" (Death to France, Italy groans!), therefore forming the acronym MAFIA. Others claim the word derived from the battle cry of rebels who slaughtered thousands of Frenchmen after a French soldier raped a Palermo woman on her wedding day. Their slogan echoed her mother's cry, "Ma fia, Ma fia" (my daughter my daughter). There are other less "glamorous" stories as to where the word originally formed. The most likely reasoning says t ...view middle of the document...

This idea of attitudes shows why a secret society such as the Mafia should luxuriate in Sicily, and could easily be transplanted into the ghettos of the New World. The associates of the Mafia are called fratellos. They are to obey a capo, which they elect. The capo then picks the consigliari (counselors), whom help him to make justice and judgments. When one of the fratellos finds himself in any sort of difficulty, the association tries to help and assist him. Soon hundreds of cities in America had their own associations. In the city of New York and Brooklyn alone, there were five. Between the heads of the borgates or families, they select the overall capo, which they call the capo di capi re, or king. The signature of the Mafia was a black handprint, and for a few years the society was known as the Black Hand. It was also commonly know by many people as the Honored Society. The Mafia mainly preyed on nonmembers among their own countrymen. Immigrants that were not familiar with the laws, traditions, and languages of the United States were easily victims of extortion and could be forced to pay a percentage of their earnings as they had done in the old country. Gentile told of settling a feud between a nephew and an uncle, simply by making the nephew a member of the Honored Society also. Gentile helped to make their relationship stronger than ever. It was by such acts of kindness that Gentile worked his way up to the role of Mafia troubleshooter in the United States. Over many years, he soon became know as "Uncle Cola," settling problems from New York to San Francisco. He was a peacemaker, as ironic as that may sound when dealing with the Mafia. The Italian-Sicilian's were not alone in immigrating to the United States. The Germans, Irish, and European Jews also came in great waves, running from hunger and religious persecution. They not only had trouble adjusting to the other ethnic groups, but with accepting America's Puritan Ethic. It was based upon WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), therefore the accumulation of wealth being seen as proof of God's favor and evidence of a moral life. Many people took this seriously, and tried to help the country as much as possible. New arrivals took jobs such as building railroads, working in the shrimp or sponge industries, and also in steel mills. These jobs brought newcomers to New England, the west coast of Florida, Ohio Valley, Pittsburgh, and many other places. Another law people began to live by was proposed by Gentile, saying that you should take what you can get. The law of the jungle you might say, therefore giving justification to organized crime today. Many tried to argue with people, among themselves, saying that once they made a lot of money; they could "earn" God's blessing by doing good things for other people with their money. Many universities greatly benefited from this idea throughout the years. It took a while, but the Mafia soon began to find the many short cuts to easy weal...


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1438 words - 6 pages The Mexican Mafia (MM), also known as "La Eme" or EME, is a chicano prison gang started in 1957 at Duel Vocational Institute (DVI), a youthful offender facility located in Tracy, California. The Mexican Mafia was originally formed to protect its chicano gang members from other prison gangs. It is made up from mostly Mexican-American convicts form the barrios of East Los Angeles. Using extreme violence, the Mexican Mafia has gained a considerable

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648 words - 3 pages Leading stars Ms. Rani Mukherjee and Ms. Preity Zinta are likely to be ``interviewed'' by police and a few more arrests are expected within a couple of days in connection with alleged links between Bollywood and the underworld, a top Mumbai police official has said.The nexus between the underworld and Bollywood is slowly crystallising with an ``astonishing evidence'' indicating that about 60 per cent of the films are financed by mafia dons, the

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661 words - 3 pages operations on the front lines.Not everything about the teamsters was good. The teamsters union was at one time, one of the largest mafia affiliated unions in the country. With the teamster's president Jimmy Hoffa's, ties to the mafia and it's political influence, they became the target of several legislative assaults, as well as the mafia. When Jimmy Hoffa returned out of prison for mafia relations, he tried to regain control of the union vowing

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752 words - 4 pages Analysis of The Client (Insert sentence) The law provides remedy and security to Mark Sway’s family by giving them a spot in the witness protection program, a house, a job for his mom and some starter money in return for Mark’s help in locating the body of the senator. The law also ensures peace in the movie by actively conducting an investigation on the well-known nephew of a mafia kingpin: Barry “The Blade” Muldanno. Putting Barry in jail

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1175 words - 5 pages criminal organizations to launder proceeds of crime, diversify and expand their activities, increase their funding sources and exercise control over the territory. Which is in turn disastrous for its inhabitants. The first published account of what became the Mafia or “organized crime” in the United States dates to the spring of 1869 when The New Orleans Times reported that “The city's Second District had become overrun by notorious murderers

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1276 words - 6 pages even in the countryside. Another problem sprouted with the attempts to curb the production and sale of alcohol. While alcoholism was a major problem in the Russia he inadvertently forced production underground. Like America during prohibition the Mafia took control and has plagued Russia ever since. Other measures introduced under perestroika were leasing land to farmers (all land was owned by the state), allowing loss making factories to go

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1102 words - 5 pages school, she was devastated. Determined not to let it get the better of her, she packed her bags and flew to New York, where, within ten weeks, she had a new game up and running. This time, instead of movie stars, there were metropolitan trust fund billionaires, art gallery owners and baseball hall-of-famers.  Unbeknownst to her, there was also a complex circuit of Russian mafia members and undercover FBI agents using her game as a way to move money

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1753 words - 8 pages that he had been raised to be, Oswald joined the military and later top military groups in the U. S. government (McKinley 106). It was an action that would benefit Oswald for key information in the end. He was often surrounded by the C.I.A., F.B.I. and some believe even the Mafia. With these relationships available to Lee Harvey Oswald, he was able to maintain more power than ever and could be in direct control of this information he possessed

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1517 words - 7 pages in and see Ms. Maclean's room burning. From the street across the road the man smiled. It wouldn't be long now until they would realise that they were back, that they were still alive and kicking, that they should never have tried to interfere with them. Organised crime, the mafia, was back.

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1575 words - 7 pages then went back to court. The judge decided that it would be much better if Capone spent the rest of his sentence in the Cook County prison. Within days of his arrival there, this jail was the newest outpost for him. He handled a lot of his business there. After his sentence was served, he was released. He had slowly begun to deteriorate, until finally, he died of cardiac arrest. In his 48 years of being a well-known Mafia man, he had left his well-known marks all over. Capone has been remembered from all of the things he did. Although these were all bad, and he did nothing for the good, he is still remembered.

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1575 words - 7 pages Wins an Election Unfortunately, Donald Trump was a master at using the media, brand recognition and social media to mobilize millions of people to vote for him. He was loud and brash, and every potential disaster seemed to bounce right off him. It reminds me of the nickname the media gave former New York Mafia boss John Gotti because his three high profile trials ended in acquittal – The Teflon Don. That name would fit Trump perfectly. He

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4773 words - 20 pages and reputation, covering stories for New York magazine and contributing to many others, as he became an expert on crime, most especially the organized crime world of the Mafia. He began writing books, mostly non­fiction, about the inside world of the Mafia. This book, Wiseguys, was turned into a movie, Goodfellas, by Martin Scorsese. Besides this book, he also wrote the book Casino, which was also turned into a movie. This was the extent of

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2038 words - 9 pages , his colleague Paolo Borsellino is killed as well by a mafia car bomb in Palermo. The 1994 elections swept Milanese media tycoon and real-estate broker Silvio Berlusconi, founder of a new party, Forza Italia, and leader of the Polo delle Liberta’ (Pole of Freedoms coalition) into office as Prime Minister. Berlusconi was forced to step down in December 1994 when Umberto Bossi’s Lega Nord, a crucial ally, withdrew its support. The Berlusconi

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2499 words - 10 pages your relationships with family, friends, or even your employment even if you are not guilty of the crime. Because of increased laws on stalking, its become a sinister topic. Organized crime is a network that includes arms trafficking, the sale and distribution of drugs, contraband smuggling, counterfeiting, human trafficking, and also cybercrimes. The Mafia or crime families rise from different groups of people from countries like Russia, Italy

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3019 words - 13 pages changes in the occurrence of the crime. When the risk of committing a crime and not getting away with it are raised significantly, there is a tendency for the rate of the crime to go down (Clark, 2005). This has been a very important tool used by law enforcement agencies. This was used to break down the mafia families in the 1980s. When a member of one family was caught, they were often faced with many years in prison. This led to the breakdown of