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Michael Sandel’s “Market and Morals” states some of the services that are now for sale on the open market. He expresses his views about the various ways by which people go about making money and to the extent to which certain commodities are up for sale to the general public. Such commodities include inmates of a correctional facility paying money to the warden for a better accommodation, paying huge sums of money by immigrants or people who wants to immigrate to the United States to the government. This in my opinion the ‘’Right to immigrate to the United States ‘’ should be treated as purchasable commodity and below are merits of treating it as such and rules that should be established for how this transaction should unfold.
Each year, millions of people from countries all around the would migrate to the United States for all kind of different reasons including escape past or future prosecution based on race, religion, membership in a particular social group, seek superior healthcare, and find refuge after being displaced due environmental factors. Making this a purchasable commodity on the international market means that the country should be ready to accept the responsibilities and benefits that come along with it. Such merits, for instance, include situations where every single person immigrating to the United States pays about $5,000 since millions of people come into the country each year. Huge sums of money will be generated to help the government with its developmental projects.
Another merit elaborated on by Sandel was that foreigners who invest $500,000 and create at least ten jobs in an area of high unemployment are eligible for a green card that entitles them to permanent residency(Sandel page 26). Even though not all foreigners are able to achieve this, let’s take for instance a foreigner who, after achieving this, is not only given the green card he also gains social recognition for the community and the government. The burden of the government is reduced and the immigrate in turn receives more and more government contracts.
Also making this a purchasable commodity in turn distinguish between people who can contribute meaningfully to the country’s economy by bringing about new ideas and creating new jobs. Immigrants do more contribute to the country’s growth. No one or in this case of immigrants who spend his or her hard earned money to migrate to the United States will let it be for nothing but w...


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