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The right choice
Bullying is one of the most common problems occurring in
schools all around the world are facing. As many are trying to
prevent and stop it you can never really get rid of this problem
fully as it will always appear at any time or anywhere. In this
scenario, it states “One of the more unpopular kids in class is
being bullied. The bullying is becoming more frequent and more
vicious. One day you see this kid in the office and it obvious they
have been beaten up badly. Later that day you find out that was
your best friend is involved in the bullying. What do you do?
I personally have many values but the largest value I show is
courage. What would I do? I personally will use my value of
courage and approach the friend involved in the bullying a nicely
ask for his side of the story. I wouldn't want to accuse anyone of
something they didn't do or if I heard wrong. If he tells me the
truth and it is in fact true he has been involved I would tell him to
do the right thing and turn himself into the office and take
responsibility for his actions as well as apologize for what he has
done to this student and victim.
All though what your friend did is wrong sometimes in life you
have to turn your head and let things like this slide. Even if its
right to make sure he apologizes and own up to his mistake it also
isn't your business and problems. As maybe you should take care
of your own problems other than interfering in others business.
If this was a indeed good friend he would see i'm just doing the
right thing if he doesn't see that I am truly doing the right the
consequences can be losing friendship. If friendship is indeed lost
I personally wouldn't care to be honest because a best friend
would see i'm just showing courage and doing the Proper thing. If
the friend does not listen to me and denies to turn himself in I will
try to persuade him to make things right and to make the proper
choice. If he still doesn't listen I personally would not turn him in
and snitch because snitching is not something I would ever do to
anyone as it goes against my largest morals and values even if I
believe this so called friend should face his consequences.
In conclusion this would be my choice of what to do. Many might
not do the same thing as they might not want to damage or lose
their friendship but I believe this person is not a true friend and
person if he is capable of this kind of act. There are different
options for you to take, you might not want to damage your
friendship and stay in your own business but I really do believe
that you should notify and tell your friend to make the right choi...

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