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Malcolm X Essay

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Malcolm's writings are a reflection of his depressed and hardship filled life. They also show his own self expression could earn him a lot of enemies. Also, many agreed with his beliefs but not with the way in which he expressed them.Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 1925. His parents were Reverend Earl Little and Louise Little. Earl Little's controversial beliefs led to constant trouble for his family. (Sagan, Miriam 8) His father was a follower of Marcus Garvey. He preached many of Marcus teachings to his congregation, and he was then singled out for persecution by white racists.(Sagan, Miriam 8) When Malcolm's mother was pregnant with him the Ku Klux Klan ...view middle of the document...

(X, Malcolm 21) The breakdown was severe, and she spent the rest of her life in State Mental Hospital at Kalamazoo a psychiatric hospital.(X, Malcolm 22) He was then sent to Michigan State Detention Home.(Malcolm X: A Research Site 1/21/00) Through these bad times he still maintained his education but his dreams were soon diminished when he told his teacher that he wanted to be a lawyer. The teacher then replied, " That's no realistic goal for a nigger."(Sagan, Miriam 10) Although he graduated the 8th grade, between his family and his feeling of alienation of going to an all white school, he did not continue his formal education. (X, Malcolm 25) In 1941 Malcolm moved to Boston to live with his half-sister, Ella. He soon became involved in drugs, burglary, pimping and carrying firearms. Though arrested for several charges the concealing a firearm is what landed him in prison.(Sagan, Miriam 12) Where he spent from 1946 to his release in 1952. There is where he developed the beliefs that would make him a leader.(Sagan, Miriam 15) While in jail he says he spent almost everyday in the library and was looked down upon for it by other prisoners.(X, Malcolm 22) He then also converted to the religion of the Nation of Islam, also known as the black Muslims. This nation is led in the U.S. by Elijah Muhammad, which combines the world religion of Islam with the belief in the superiority of the black race and of Africans. One principal of the faith explains that the original races of the world were black and that a mad scientist created the white people. When Malcolm was in the Nation of Islam he preached on street corners his fascinating style that is shown in this piece.Brothers and sisters, the white man has brainwashed us black people to fasten our gaze upon a blond-haired, blue-eyed-Jesus! We're worshipping a Jesus that doesn't even look like us! Oh, yes! Now just bear with me, listen to the teachings of the Messenger of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Now just think of this. The blond-haired, blue-eyed white man has taught you and me to worship a white Jesus, and to sing and shout and pray to this God that's his God, the white man's God. The white man has taught us to shout and sing and pray until we die, to wait until death, for some dreamy heaven-in-the-hereafter, when we're dead, while this white man has his milk and honey in the streets paved with golden dollars right here on this earth! You don't believe what I am telling you, brothers and sisters? Well, I'll tell you what you do. You go out of here, you just take a good look around where you live. Look at not only how you live, but look at how anybody that you know lives---that way, you'll be sure that you're not just a bad-luck accident. And when you get through looking at where you live, then you take a walk down across Central Park and start to look at what this white God has brought to the white man. I mean, take yourself a look down there at how the white...

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