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Man On Fire Film Review

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Man on Fire opens with quick flashes of a variety of scenes. Glimpses of what appears to be a city in Mexico; someone being kidnapped; a phone call where a demand for a ransom is made; the release of the victim on a busy street... The pace and intent of the movie is set within the few minutes of the opening credits.Pulled from Greg's previews at This movie is based upon the novel "Man on Fire" by A.J. Quinnell, which was previously adapted as a 1987 movie starring Scott Glenn (playing Denzel Washington's character), Danny Aiello, Joe Pesci and Jonathan Pryce. Quinnell's novel was reportedly based upon a true story.John Creasy (Denzel Washington most recently of Out of Time, ...view middle of the document...

In order to renew the policy, it is required that Pita has a bodyguard. Unfortunately Ramos doesn't have enough money to hire a professional bodyguard full-time, so he has to figure out an additional option. Ramos' lawyer brainstorms that Ramos should just hire someone to act as a bodyguard for the short time it will take to renew the policy. The bodyguard doesn't necessarily have to be competent or skilled in the bodyguard profession. After the policy is renewed, the bodyguard can then be fired for incompetence or something similar. Samuel's wife Lisa is insistent that Samuel hire a bodyguard to protect their daughter Pita.Enter John Creasy. His friend Reyburn is set to recommend him for the job, and just asks Creasy to hide his alcohol problem. Upon meeting Samuel Ramos, Creasy is given a glossed over job description. Again Creasy is asked to keep his alcohol under control. Creasy then meets the Ramos women and is shown around the compound and to his new living quarters.The first half of the movie consists of the growing relationship between Creasy and Pita. Creasy comes in with the intentions of solely being the bodyguard to Pita. He intends to do his best to protect the child, to take her to and from school, and to do whatever else is required of him. This is not to show loyalty or love to his charge, but to merely perform the duties for which he has been hired. Although against Creasy's intentions, Pita so charmingly makes her way into Creasy's life. Pita gives Creasy a chance and reason to live again, and they have both become close to one another.Creasy's new world is shattered when, as shown in the movie previews, Pita is kidnapped off of the street in broad daylight. The second half of the movie functions at a much faster pace because Creasy is out for revenge. He is set to do whatever it takes in order to make things "right" again. We find out more about his past occupation, and see elements of it come through at every step in the second half.There are several violent scenes in the second half, but fit in with the feel of the movie. The violent acts help to give Creasy's anger a life of its own. Creasy becomes attached to Pita throughout his job, and his actions are...

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