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Management And Communication Skills Essay

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CommunicationThere are many formal definitions of the term communication. Explaining this term in simple words, it is the exchange of information. For a more technical definition of this term, it is "The successful transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals". (Massachusetts Department of Education 2001) Communication is an essential process in every sphere of life. In organizations, communication is the key to successful transfer of information between people working there. Hence the communication process-taking place in organizations must be in the most vivid form.Organizational CommunicationOrganizational communication is ...view middle of the document...

The structuring of specific organizational goals, the feedback on the progress towards the achievement of these goals, and the fortification of the desired behavior all stimulates motivation and require communication.* Emotional expressionMany employees interact socially with their work groups. This communication that takes place within the work group is a major source for the members of the group for expressing certain feelings such as of frustration and satisfaction. Communication in this context in the organizations provides a means to the employees to express their emotions and feelings.* InformationCommunication is basic means for the exchange of information in organizations and our daily lives. This information can be exchanged through formal communication channels or informal communication channels. This function of communication in organizations enhances the process of decision-making (Robbins, 2006).The Communication ProcessThe communication process comprises of six important factors:-The sender of the message or the encoder-The Message-The channel or medium of the message, such as oral or written-The receiver of the message or the decoder-Feedback-The right perception of the messageThe communication process is explained by this figure also:SENDER --> MESSAGE --> VISUAL / ORAL / WRITTEN -->RECIPIENTAn example to illustrate the communication process in an organization is that the manager is the sender usually and the employees are the receivers or the decoders. The significance of the two dimensional nature of communication in which the probability of the successful communication lies mainly on the sender receiving feedback. The sender requires a prompt feedback or response that his / her points are being received and comprehended clearly without any doubts (Revision notes 2003: Methods of Communication).The changes that have affected communication in organizationsPeople working in organizations, who know the importance of communicating effectively inside and outside the organization, have today become aware of the changes that have revolutionized the common communication methods used in organizations. There have been several big changes in the business environment since the last decade that have radically impacted the process of business communication or communication with in organizations. The new methods of communication that have transformed communication methods today are electronic communication, International communication, and non-discriminatory communication. In this paper, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic communication as a major means for communication in business. The importance of face-to-face communication will also be highlighted.Electronic Communication in the Business:The world today has advanced in every aspect, especially in information technology. This era is said to be the era of speed and technology. The advent of information technology techniques into our personal and...

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