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Management And Leadership Essay

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Management and LeadershipNow more than ever, with today's challenge business world, the new workplace demands faster results from fewer people. In order to stay competitive, organizations need to be nimble rapidly translating new information into knowledge. The leadership style of supervisors directly impacts employee job satisfaction, retention, and commitment to getting the job done.Management and leadership are two notions that may be interchangeably, but there is a huge difference between a manager and a leader. They are two different ways of organizing people; the manager uses a formal method and the leader uses passion. "Managers do things right, and leaders do the right things." ...view middle of the document...

However, a leader may have no organizational skills, skills do not make leaders but style and behavior do, and his vision or goal unites people behind him.The essential component of great leadership is having a vision for the future and communicating that vision to others. (Bateman, Snell, 2003, p.366) A vision is an image, an ambition of the future state of the organization. "By focusing the attention on a vision, the leader operates on the emotional and spiritual resources of the organization, on its values, commitment and aspirations." (Retrieved May 8, 2004) A great leader looks out at the future, thinks longer term, creates vision, and uses his or her vision to excite people and successfully persuades people to follow. People want to be a part of something that is larger than themselves. They want to have pride in where they work and in what they do. Leadership is about inspiring, helping, and creating opportunities. Leaders motivate, console and work with people to keep them bonded and eager to move forward. "a leader is one who influences others to attain goals." (Bateman, Snell, 2003, p.366) They create and provide a healthy organizational culture. In the other hand, managers establish systems, create rules and operating procedures. Managers' main goals are planning, budgeting, organizing and controlling. They emphasize rationality and control. Management skills provide the systems that let an organization grow with success, and leadership skills provide the direction. Management is about business and leadership is about people, is about human relationships.Unlike managers, there are no set rules, guidelines or systems for leaders to follow. It is entirely possible for a person to be an excellent manager and a terrible leader. An effective leader needs to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. There are several ways for a leader to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. True leaders take action for the people or team they represent, and in order to do that they must...

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