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Introduction: 300 words
From the articles I have read, the challenges of management in the 21st century can be classified into the following categories, societal, economic, political, technological and human resource. With the decrease in international barriers, globalisation was the most discussed topic as the free flow of resources between countries has greatly impacted and changed our outlook on management activities and strategies.
The world has become more dynamic and ever-changing in the 21st century as managers face the constant struggle to stay updated with these changes and to maintain their competitive advantage to keep their business running and to achieve success.
Economies face external competition from countries who leverage on their economies of scale to conquer markets.
Research and development have created and improvement on new ways to meet the needs of the people, making even more challenging for managers to ensure their processes are up-to-date and efficient to stay competitive in the market. It has also resulted in certain process to be redundant and outdated, managers must ensure that their staff stay relevant with new process and to keep them in the company.
Governments have emplaced laws that either welcome free trade or increase trade barriers which make local business exposed to external threats such as MNCs or limit their grow as they are unable to tap on external resources to gain a competitive advantage.
With all that, I have chosen to focus on one challenge by management, which is human resource managment. More specifically, the challenge to ensure staff are competent, efficient and committed in their daily work tasks to ensure the most efficient and best outcome for the company.
Discussion & Analysis: 750 words
Theoretical Perspectives:
1. Hire the right people for the right roles in the company
The article wrote that in the 21st century, managers must ensure that the staff they hire must have a suitable person-environment fit. This can be further broken down in to person-job, person-group, and person-organization fit (Staffing, 2018).
2. To improve knowledge worker productivity, need to produce quality and control over their task.
In today’s day and age, there has been in the shift of the type of worker that is necessary for companies to excel, the knowledge worker. There is a need for workers to move towards acquiring knowledge and to improve themselves to stay updated to the modern and ever-changing work processes. This is in comparison to the old-fashioned way in which workers used to only focus on completing the manual work or task at hand only. Now, they must not only carry out their tasks in their respective departments, but to also to improve themselves and to question work process to see how they can add more value to the company to make it more efficient or if their skills need to be updated to stay relevant in the company or industry.
3. To keep staff, need to get them committed to their role in the...

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