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Case Study of Choo Peng
When does behavioural issues become a problem? It becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with the way the class runs, such as when it starts to interfere within lessons, or interferes with the teacher’s teaching. Also, it begins to be a problem when it starts endangering the safety of the students around the troublemaker. This includes destruction of property as well.
In the case of Choo Peng. Her behaviour issues causes a problem as she disrupts the flow of the class when she does not get her way. Most of the time, her teachers would need to go out of their way whenever she cries. She cries when her friends are not with her during mealtimes, when she is asked to read instead of draw, or when reading, she does not get the books she wants. She would also cry when the music is too loud in class or when she does not sit beside her best friend. A possible reason as to why this behaviour is occurring could be that she thinks that everything has to go according to how she wants it. She has a perfectionist mentality, in that sense, she feels that everything has to go her way, otherwise, she will cry. Another possible reason for her behaviour is that she feels that she is the alpha child in the classroom. It is similar to the perfectionist mentality, however it is different as she feels that she is the leader, wanting things her way. She might be crying and throwing tantrums because she is uncomfortable when another alpha, which is the teachers, tries to take control of the class. This behaviour can be seen from when she cries when the teacher asks her to read instead of draw.
Another behaviour issue that she has, is that she is constantly throwing tantrums in class, even when she is left alone. She would cry, lie on the floor and kick and flail her arms about. In addition, when she is carried by another teacher, she would stiffen her body while resisting to get held and continue screaming while striking out her arms and legs. She only decreases her crying when other children are watching and when the adults start to intervene. However, this decrease is temporary and she starts crying again afterwards. Seen from previous behaviours, her tantrums and outburst is due to not getting what they want and feeling angry or frustrated. As seen by the fact that Choo Peng is only 3 years old, she might not have the vocabulary to express how she feels in certain situation, thus, she would find the need to express in the means of a tantrum.
It can be seen that Choo Peng’s behaviour in the classroom is becoming a big problem to other students, this is seen in that several families have requested Choo Peng’s withdrawal from the centre, due to the fact that the teachers are spending more of their time tending to Choo Peng, rather than teaching class. Also, children are also showing signs of alienating Choo Peng, as well as giving her nasty remarks such as ‘cry baby’ or asking her to go away and not playing with her. This can also expl...



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