Management In A Global Environment Holmes Essay

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Suggested limits are as follows:
Management Summary: ideally one page but no more than two.
Sections 1: Introduction 400-600 words,
Section 2: Main body of the essay consisting of each of the individual components limit each component to
Approximately 1,000 words each, Sections 3: Conclusions 100-300 words,
Summary and Complete List of References.
· Organisational Structure General Framework Outline,
· Six key elements commonly used to define the structure of an organisation identifying the management theorist who identified each of these elements.
· Then outline four factors (contingencies) that are commonly used to define the situation (the organisational environment).
· Individual Components Each individual should select an example organisation – a real example – and suggest what you believe to be the structure of that organisation in terms of the six key elements that are used to define organisational structure.
· For your example organisation, you should define their organisational environment in the terms of the four contingency factors and comment on the match (or mismatch) of the organisation to its organisational environment.
Organizational structure is defined as a way of setting up an organization in order to achieve its missions and goals in the most proficient manner. The functioning of all the operations performed in an organization are based on the structure of an organization, thus, it is a vital concept for the success and development of an organization. In order to select the best organizational structure for an organization, there are certain factors that should be considered such as the type of business, number of employees, geographic location and revenue.
Types of Organizational Structure
1. Functional Organizational Structure: The general functions of an organization include marketing, finance, research and development and manufacturing and the organizational structure depends on these functions. Such type of organizational structure works very well for small as well as medium businesses where the employees of every section work together sharing their expertise and skills in order to take the business forward.
2. Divisional Organizational Structure: This type is generally utilized by large scale companies where the number of products is huge and the business is located at different regions across the globe. Under this structure all divisions have their own team of employees and own head in order to facilitate efficient working to meet the requirements of all the divisions as well as its market.
3. Matrix Organizational Structure: This structure is considered as a mix of divisional and functional organizational structure along with the advantages of both. Matrix organizational structure is generally found in big multinational companies and is considered to be the most ideal.
Six key elements
It is vital for an organization to establish a carefully planned and strategic organizational structure which thus helps a busin...


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