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Management Information System For Clinic Essay

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Ramal Poliklinik Sdn Bhd.*

Company's Background, Mission and Vision


Company's Strategies and Current Standing


Company's Current IT Infrastructure


Current Customer Management System and its Downsides

Current Customer Management System


Identification of Problem, the Underlying Reason and the Severity Level


Development and Implementation of the New System

System Proposed: Customer Relationship Management System


ICT Infrastructures


Financial Aspects


Possible Implementation Issues

Security, Ethics, End Users


Advantages and Disadvantages






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The following years, the increasing number of panel companies and patients leads to the need to increase the number of doctors and nurses. Later on, in Year 1995; the company expanded geographically with starting its own branch in Sg. Merab, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.COMPANY'S MISSION AND VISIONEver since its establishment and 23 years afterwards, Ramal Poliklinik Sdn. Bhd. has the mission of providing friendly, competent and cost efficient services to its customers (patients). By doing so, the organization is envisioning a future of providing a multi-faceted quality services in hoping for a better healthcare system in benefit of the society in the area.COMPANY'S STRATEGIES AND CURRENT STANDINGIn accordance to the company's mission, the company has adopted several practices that revolves around the idea of human touch/interaction and workers competency. Examples of such practices includes:In these two aspects, the company seems to be doing rather well. However, it is also important to note that there is limitations to the effects of these practices in real life. External and Internal conditions would either catalyze or stump the efforts made by the organization. As can be seen in Figure 1, the company's strength comes from the (i) years' operations and (ii) experienced employees. During the 23 years of operation, not only they earned themselves a good reputation and credibility; but the company also has built a strong foundation of financial condition and customer base that originates from the Sg. Ramal area, Country Heights, Kajang and even Bandar Baru Bangi area. Furthermore, aside from already familiarized/ acquainted with repeating customers; experienced employees able to make the process smoother and reduce waiting time for the patients.However, this strength seems to be a double-edged sword. Due to the manual nature of operation in the business, there is a heavy reliance on these long-term employees. Such drawback of this practice would be a harder adaption process for new employees in the future, since there are no computerized system for the patients' basic information and previous medical history. Furthermore, even though the employees are computer literate, they have become 'too comfortable' with the current system and there is lack of willingness for change. This could pose as problem for the company advancement since the digital trend has become more prevalent in the current years. Until this point, we haveIn terms of opportunities and threat, there is a potential increment of customer base due to the development of nearby housing areas and business expansion into new services. However, the business also needs to prepare themselves for the need for capital investment because of possible slowing down of economy, change in government requirement (for changes in workforce, qualifications, employee benefits and even for the existing medical equipment) and adopting services that would better suits the needs of the changing customer...

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