Managing And Motivating Employees Organizational Behavior Assignment

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Adelle Williams
Unit 5 Assignment: Employee Motivation
Broward College
February 3, 2019
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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as: 2 a motivating force, stimulus, or influence: Incentive, drive. (n.a, 2019). Within every business organization, employees are its biggest asset to help build a thriving and successful company. Motivated employees can lead to increase productivity and allow an organization to achieve higher levels of output. (R, 2019). Identifying what motivates employee and meeting the needs of the company are important because we know, in order, to stay in business. We need employees that are valued and recognized within their positions. Being assigned the task of improving employee motivation at a retail home improvement center, I believe using the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs would be the first guide I would use to address employee motivation at my place of business.
Maslow’s Hierarchy
I feel this theory would be effective in improving employee attitudes and effort because if we can address the basic human needs by providing work resulting in a paycheck. Bauer and Erdogan states, “...the lowest level of the Maslow’s Hierarchy such as the psychological needs referring to food, water, and other biological needs.” (Bauer & Erdogan, n.d, p. 202). We minimize undue stress level for an employee having to be driven by hungry. The mental strain of wondering if you can afford a place to sleep, eat, and bath can create a lack of focus and low performance on the job. However, as an employer, we would tackle this area by looking at our compensation structure for each department and target where we could find ways to restructure our benefits package to address employee’s basic needs. Beside the psychological needs, safety and security must be reviewed by creating a work environment that is safe, fun, and friendly. Employers establishing effective, consistent, and clear policies and procedures addressing grievances such as, sexual harassment or ethics violation in the workplace is imperative. Most important, knowing there is no retaliation. With the status of the economy, every employee biggest concern is ...


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