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Managing Operations Change Essay

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Presentation Workplace analysis Recommendations and application of theory Conclusions Changing your workplace "" Hanlon Windows.Produce a report on changing your workplace. Think of any aspect of workplace that needs changing.Technology at Hanlon Windows is one of many aspects of the organisation that needs changing, this will be the main focus.Outline what changes are required.Hanlon windows is a family owned and operated company that has been supplying aluminium and timber windows to the residential construction industry for the last twenty five years. Although they have survived and prospered the economic changes that have occurred over the last twenty years in Australia, Hanlon Windows ...view middle of the document...

Customers- Large construction companies, developers, builders, owner builders, renovators, specifiers and architects.All these groups need to improve the way they communicate with each other at various levels. The plan will show how technology will improve this existing function and to solve longstanding problems within the organisation and hopefully increase market share by creating more efficient and effective service. To give productive time to the members of the sales force.Provide a plan of how you will implement the changes.Change agent who has experience in applying information technology to the workplace.It is the job of the Change agent to produce a solution to all these problems.The change agent must be qualified in maintenance of computers and know what is required in a solution based enviroment. The time frame is quite extensive especially when you consider that the changes that are occuring within are quite extensive and effect all staff in various ways.It is especially important for an organisation such as Hanlon Windows, which is a privately owned organisation that has expanded well beyond market place expectations in recent years. It's amazing to see how Hanlon Windows has come this far without keeping up without Information Technology.The major areas of communication within the organisation that need implementing are: Hardware: Providing PC's to all branches. This will provide an effective foundation for communication between all involved.Internet: Access to the web for emails and web sites for online information.Software: What programs are suitable for the organisation? The selected Production/ Sales software program that was cost effective is the v6 program. This software covers every aspect of the sales process from estimation/quotation to sales to ordering of materials/manufacture and finally invoicing. With this comes a customer focused consultant who comes in and learns about every aspect of the business so the software can be tailor-made for Hanlon Windows to become effective and efficient.Wide area network: An intranet network to have instantaneous information between each organisation, including exchange of documents and to improve costs of phone calls by having direct access to the wide area network(or WAN).These changes will help monitor the business at all levels and also change it quite dramatically. It will be the Change Agents role also to discuss training issues to all parties involved.The Vision The vision is for Hanlons to improve the structure of their organisation. To provide a clear path to achieving this goal Hanlon Windows Australia needs to improve ithe very thing that makes it operate "" communication. As you can see Hanlon Windows has taken on a life of it's own without much long term planning. As soon as this solution is implemented it will have a follow on effect. Instead of the sales force having time wasted by doing laborous written quotes they will spend more tme on the road pushing production to...

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