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Managing Performance And Change Essay

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Table of ContentsIntroductionQUESTION 1Consider part of the organisation in which you work. This may be a department or some other sub-unit: perhaps the part of the organisation managed by a person you report to.Outline the main ways in which performance is judged in the organisation or part of the organisation in which you work.State who receives this information and what kinds of action are taken in response to it.Indicate which performance measures are given most emphasis and how this affects the judgement of performance.INTRODUCTIONOur mission statement:At Pestana Hotels & Resorts our continued aim is to provide our guest with highest quality hotels, resorts and leisure facilities ...view middle of the document...

Economy - This provides a financial context within which the hotels must operate. Amount of funding and resources available sets the general financial direction as to how quickly the business plan must or can be implemented. In my organisation the Budgets are being considered as one key indicator on the input (efficiency) side.Ethics - This is also measured through the Customer Questionnaires where the hotels can tell whether they have provided the service fairly.The Customer questionnaire is used as a feed back loop on how we function internally please see the figure below:B) State who receives this information and what kinds of action are taken in response to it.These guest questionnaires are sent to the General Manager of the hotel. Each questionnaire is answered either by thanking the guest for having taken the time to fill out the questionnaire or by personally contacting the guest when a complaint is received.The ratings of each question are then added to the hotel customer statistics and is then either given to the Manger linked to the specific department be it Food and Beverage or House Keeping. These managers take the necessary steps internally in order to Motivate Staff when a job has been well done or correct/improve staff performance.The information however does not end here further statistics...

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