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Table of ContentsIntroductionQUESTION 1Consider part of the organisation in which you work. This may be a department or some other sub-unit: perhaps the part of the organisation managed by a person you report to.Outline the main ways in which performance is judged in the organisation or part of the organisation in which you work.State who receives this information and what kinds of action are taken in response to it.Indicate which performance measures are given most emphasis and how this affects the judgement of performance.INTRODUCTIONOur mission statement:At Pestana Hotels & Resorts our continued aim is to provide our guest with highest quality hotels, resorts and leisure facilit ...view middle of the document...

Economy - This provides a financial context within which the hotels must operate. Amount of funding and resources available sets the general financial direction as to how quickly the business plan must or can be implemented. In my organisation the Budgets are being considered as one key indicator on the input (efficiency) side.Ethics - This is also measured through the Customer Questionnaires where the hotels can tell whether they have provided the service fairly.The Customer questionnaire is used as a feed back loop on how we function internally please see the figure below:B) State who receives this information and what kinds of action are taken in response to it.These guest questionnaires are sent to the General Manager of the hotel. Each questionnaire is answered either by thanking the guest for having taken the time to fill out the questionnaire or by personally contacting the guest when a complaint is received.The ratings of each question are then added to the hotel customer statistics and is then either given to the Manger linked to the specific department be it Food and Beverage or House Keeping. These managers take the necessary steps internally in order to Motivate Staff when a job has been well done or correct/improve staff performance.The information however does not end here further statist...


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1308 words - 6 pages Situational Analysis To open our meeting, could I recap some of the details on how management came to the decisions regarding the Jackson plant, and my appointment as General manager so that I can verify my understanding of the situation. As technology and competitors have advanced in our industry, the need to address the poor operational performance at the Jackson plant, which has been unsatisfactory for several years, product quality is down

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3879 words - 16 pages committed to firstly make an analysis about the key topics and secondly recommend techniques and steps for CST in order to achieve objectives such as ensuring the company is well positioned for the future by attracting and retaining the best talent possible, creating a team-based high-performance culture and build employee capability and performance. MGT600 – Managing People & Teams – Case Study 3 Table of Contents 1. Introduction

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663 words - 3 pages a traditional working environment. For many of us in a traditional workplace, we're required to put in 40 hours, even though the job only takes about 25 according to Buschor, (2009).Organizations must develop polices to promote a healthy work environment and managing stress. Management should be training on understanding what causes stress and how it can affect individual performance. Organizations that work to build a healthy working environment

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2696 words - 11 pages employees think their salaries are unfair and inequitable relative to others in the organization, allow a lack of training to undermine your department's effectiveness, commit any unfair labor practices.High performance organization is an organization achieves financial results that are better than those of its peer group over a longer period of time, by being able to adopt well to changes and react to these quickly, by managing for the long term, by

Transform The Organizational Structure Of A Organization To Enable Them To Meet The Public Need And To Gain The Knowledge And Expertise Required To Challenge The Competition

3552 words - 15 pages of Organizational Change Management Provocations of Organizational Change Difficulties of Organization-Wide Change Approaches to Resisting Change Approaches for Improving Organizational Performance Carrying out Organizational Change Definition of Organizational Change Management Organizational change management refers to the practice of properly managing large, organizational changes in business. Change management is a

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2358 words - 10 pages . Ulrich identified four different roles of HR: 1. Employee champion – managing and developing talent (people) in organisation. 2. Change agent – helps with organisational changes to achieve results. 3. Administration expert – deals with daily administration and acts as an expert in employment law and regulations. 4. Strategic partner – HR management creates strategy which helps organisation to achieve results. In current fast changing

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2018 words - 9 pages Free possible chances by having to pay fines, being sued or even breaching an act under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 . (UK Hairdressers (2000) Health and Safety. Para. 3, pg.2).The key performance for this policy is to make sure our staff are aware about allHealth and Safety procedures, regular monitoring staff, reviewing the performance of the whole organisation and updating personal data. The Health and Safety rules are fundamental to

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2463 words - 10 pages solving, Decision making, Systems theory. · PHASE 2: First line management, Planning, Leading, Organising, Controlling, Understanding business culture. · PHASE 3: People management, Motivation, Coaching and Delegating, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Change and Diversity, Costing systems, Innovation & Creative thinking, Entrepreneurship. Qualification: National Certificate [level 3] – First line management Institute: Dionysus Qualification: Certificate

Human Resource Management VS Organisational Change

5213 words - 21 pages , Praeger Publishers, WestportGilley, J. W. and Maycunich, A. 2000, Organisational Learning, Performance and Change - An Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Development, Perseus Publishing, CambridgeGraetz, F., Rimmer, M., Lawrence, A., and Smith, A. 2006, Managing Organisational Change, John Wiley & Sons, MiltonHarvard, 2005, The Essentials of Managing Change and Transition, McGraw-Hill, New YorkBusiness Literacy for HR Professionals Series

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744 words - 3 pages and profit sharing, and last implementation of routine job evaluations to reflect current trends in compensation factors, ranking, and pay grades. Our HR department will be responsible for providing the initial data to support our claim, that we are not doing enough retain our employees, thereby we have incurred a high turnover rate. SMC believes the market, overall profit of the company, and employee motivation will drive the cost of change in

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4685 words - 19 pages care sector presents some distinct challenges. However, indicators of service quality, including those of service impact on outcomes for adults and children. Monitoring can mean ‘continuous or regularly repeated observations of important parts of service structure, process, output or outcome. In promoting the managing quality outcomes – monitoring performance against standards identifying non-conformance, eliminating non-conformance is another

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570 words - 3 pages been evolving. This supports what Fletcher mentioned about OT being evolved out of OD. Fletcher however suggests that such evolution is dramatic rather than a slow progress. · There are 5 significant approaches to OT. What are they? 1. Organisational Culture Change (Waddell et. al.) · can affect strategy formation, implementation and performance positively · senior managers must diagnose the existing culture and make changes · Not easy –deals

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5284 words - 22 pages of managerial activities will be positively related to project innovation. Hypothesis 3b A planned style of managerial activities will be positively related to project efficiency. Hypothesis 3c Change in project uncertainty moderates project management-performance relationships. Methods For this exploratory study, we sought an organization that would provide access to numerous and diverse projects. The chosen site was a U.S

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471 words - 2 pages needed to design appropriate expatriate compensation programs. My firm’s mission and strategy determines its organizational structure, the level of centralization or decentralization and the recruitment strategy of the firm. The various global human resource activities include normal HR activities like human resource planning, performance management, compensation management, training etc. The HR activities which are specific to global human

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1525 words - 7 pages type of change infrastructure. We will review the images of managing change undertaken by NASA, as well as some of the challenges faced. Additionally, we will review how resistance impacted results and then finally how to sustain change. Images of Managing Change Prior to reviewing the images of change it is important to first visit the rudimentary events in the case study. This case study thoroughly details the Challenger and Columbia NASA space