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Overall Mark (subject to ratification by the assessment board) Students Signature: SIGNED Contents 1. Task 1 2 1. 1 Project Life Cycle 2 1. 2 Project Structure 3 1. 3 Project Network Diagram 4 1. 4 Risk Management 5 1. 5 Project Closure Deliverables 6 1. 6 Project Control System 7 2. Task 2 8 2. 1 Introduction 8 2. 1. 1 Background 8 2. 1. 2 The Event 8 2. 2 Project Scope Statement 9 2. 3 Project Priority Matrix 11 2. 3. 1 Time 12 2. 3. 2 Scope 12 2. 3. 3 Cost 12 2. 4 Work Breakdown Structure 13 2. 5 Cost Estimation 16 2. 5. 1 Cost Estimation Table 17 2. 5. 2 Time Phased Budget 18 2. 6 Conclusion 19 References 20 1. Task 1 1. 1 Project Life Cycle Project Life Cycle has four stages. It shows the life cycle of a project from when it begins to it ends.

a. Defining- This is the first stage of the Project Life Cycle. This phase demands flexibility, awareness, entrepreneurial skill, and political insight (Thamhain & Wilemon, 1975). In this stage, the "potential target beneficiaries" (Khang, Moe, 2008) are identified. Alternatives to the project are identified. In order to enable funding for the project, interest and support of "key stakeholders" are generated.

b. Planning- Planning is the second phase in the project life cycle. In this stage, the project scope of the defined project is established. "Project schedule and organization setup" (Khang, Moe, 2008) are determined to complement the defined project.
c. Implementing- This is the stage where the proposed project is put into action. The project management team is set up and the project plan is "revised and reviewed" before the project starts. Project activities are carried out and project performance is monitored and evaluated throughout the course of the project.
d. Closure- This is the final step of the Project Life Cycle. In this stage, the project team members assist the end users to operate the project or service. The project team members are assigned other duties, and the resources which were used for the project are "released".

1. 2 Project Structure
There are three different types of project structures that companies can follow. They include:
a. Functional Structure b. Dedicated Team Structure c. Matrix Structure In the case of Clear Sight PTE. Ltd., I would recommend they follow the dedicated team structure. In a dedicated team structure, a project manager with limited authority is designated to coordinate the project acr...


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