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In the play "Julius Caesar", Shakespeare displays his characters as being manipulative and persuasive. This is illustrated in various parts of the play, such as at the beginning when Brutus was manipulated by Cassius, and then again when Antony manipulated the Roman citizens. Shakespeare first introduces the technique of manipulation and persuasion at the beginning of the play through the character of Cassius. Cassius had sinful plans in his mind and needed others to join this conspiracy against Julius Caesar.Cassius knew that Brutus had a low self esteem and by boosting his confidence he knew that he could convince Brutus to side with him. Cassius then brings the good of Rome ...view middle of the document...

She wanted to know what Brutus was doing because she worried. She made Brutus feel guilty by questioning his love for her, this caused him to agree that he would tell her what was he was about to do. Calpurnia also used her love and devotion for her husband to get what she wanted. She feared for Caesar's life because of the disturbing dreams she had the night before. She persuaded him to stay home from the capitol that day because of these dreams. Portia and Calpurnia could have changed the whole play if their ways of persuasion had only worked. If Caesar listened to Calpurnia's superstitions then he would not have been killed in the capitol that day. If Brutus had told Portia what he was about to do then she may have some way talked him out of making this mistake. This helped create suspense. The reason that the persuasion of Calpurnia did not work is because Decius showed up. Decius manipulated Caesar into going to the capitol and convinced Caesar that the dream that Calpurnia had was a good sign and not to take it as a warning. After the death of Caesar Brutus tries to manipulate the crowd into believing his reason to why he killed Caesar. Brutus tells the crowd that he did not do it for personal greed but he committed this murder for the good of them. He says; "Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more. Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freeman?" Brutus appealed to logic and reason, as he tried to get the citizens to understand why he killed Caesar. He wanted to make sure that the people knew he did this for them and it was for the better in the long run. This was only affective until it was Antony's turn to speak. he appealed to the emotions of the citizens instead of 'tricking' them into believing what he wanted. Antony implied that what the conspirators had done was wrong. He constantly called them honorable men and finally the crowd pick up on his use of sarcasm. He says to the people; "O masters, if I were disposed to stir Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Bru...


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1545 words - 7 pages Petit Edgard Petit Mr. Alain Gauthier EAE4U-01 November 8th 2018 Julius Caesar Essay According to Oxford Dictionaries, an antagonist is a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something. In Williams Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Cassius is the main antagonist. He is throughout the play, the one who is the most hostile against the idea of Julius Caesar becoming king of Rome. He is the driving force behind the conspiracy and the

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667 words - 3 pages Free ​Mind Bending: The Art Of Manipulation And ​Power Of Language Manipulation and power of language is a social influence used to change one’s behaviour or perception towards a situation so they react differently towards it. In William Shakespeare’s play ​Julius Caesar, ​manipulation and power of language is used as a weapon of mind control and abuse of power by many characters. Mark Antony, who is a pleasure-seeking Roman General and loyal friend

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645 words - 3 pages JULIUS CAESAR A series of events set into motion by human error which causes the downfall/death of a high placed individual in society. This definition of tragedy makes me believe that Brutus is the tragic hero. The definition clearly resembles what Brutus did. He made human errors, which led to the death of Julius Caesar. The seven attributes to be a tragic hero are as follows; (1) Must be high placed in society, (2) His/her actions

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1111 words - 5 pages According to an unlikely legend, Gaius Julius Caesar was born by Caesarean section to Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar, a praetor, on July 13, 100 BCE. His father died when Caesar was 16 years old, and it was his mother Aurelia, who proved to be quite influential in his life. Caesar's family was part of Rome's original aristocracy, called patricians, although they were not rich or particularly influential. At the time of Caesar's birth, the

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431 words - 2 pages The Omens and Superstitions of The Tradegy Of Julius Caesar In Shakespeare’s play, an omen represents as a sign for the Romans and others that something is bound to happen. it is most likely to be believed as a bad omen instead of a good one. Throughout the play, the omens and superstitions present give off a glooming vibe throughout the play for the Roman people. Some prime examples are Calphurnia’s dream, the Soothsayer, and the reoccurring

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866 words - 4 pages Nidia Lopez Mrs. Schneider English II per A2 May 25, 2018 There are times when actions don’t matter more than words. Good persuasion can get one out of so many situations. In the play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, Caesar, Brutus, and Antony were great friends. They trusted each other. Brutus was afraid that Caesar might become King and the country would be back to a monarchy. Antony on the other hand believed that Caesar

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790 words - 4 pages “How Betrayal Affected Julius Caesar” According to ​Merriam Webster’s Dictionary​, the definition of betrayal is “to fail or desert especially in time of need.” In ​Julius Caesar​, by William Shakespeare you can see that this undermining word of honor is intertwined and displayed by the thoughts and actions of multiple characters including Brutus, Antony, and Cassius. One of the most important displayals of betrayal takes place when Brutus

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844 words - 4 pages history enough to compare it to poetry. There are a few readings that can be compared to this quote. In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar the true heart of a man is revealed. Through Caesar's words and action his heart was revealed.Caesar was considered to be a leader by giving the people what they wanted. He was always looking for the right path to keep the people happy. He would always try to make the right decisions. An example of this would be

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4393 words - 18 pages ' studies but also their recreation and games with piety and modesty. Thus, tradition has it… Aurelia, mother of Julius Caesar, and Atia, mother of Augustus, brought up their sons and produced princes. " Tacitus perceives Caesar as a god. This is significant as he exaggerates many of his attributes. He is useful because of his psychological perspective and his character portrayals, however due to the exaggeration present in his descriptions his

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523 words - 3 pages Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman military and political leader. He played an important part in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Caesar was born in Rome into a well-known patrician family, which supposedly traced its ancestry to Julus, the son of the Trojan prince Aeneas.Caesar was elected quaestor, who supervised the treasury and financial affairs of the state, its armies and its officers, by the Assembly of the

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947 words - 4 pages civil servants, special interest groups, lobbyists or your friends, and Change with the times. One character that follows all these rules is Antony from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. In the novel, we have learned that Brutus and Cassius along with other conspirators, have banded up and murdered Caesar for being too ‘ambitious’. Cassius throws a funeral to answer the questions of the people and explain to make sure there is not an uprising. He

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2522 words - 11 pages Act II: Development of Relationships between Husbands and WivesRelationships between characters play a great part in Julius Caesar, the Shakespearean tragedy about the scheming of Caesar's death, which then are shown to affect all aspects of Roman life. Some relationships show the concealed discord between characters, some show the conniving spirit of those who desire power, while others show how some hearts are devoted entirely to the greater

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583 words - 3 pages In Act Two of Julius Caesar, the reader was introduced to the characters of Portia and Calpurnia. They were similar in many ways. Portia was the wife of Brutus. She noticed that there was something the matter with Brutus when he uncharacteristically awoke very early in the morning. She asked him what was bothering him but her question was only answered by a glare. She continued her questioning and insisted that he tell her what was