Maori Icon, Hahaaha Suck My Bolos And Yo Maori 2020 Research Assessment

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BILLY T JAMES - Jayden Boucher
I whānau mai a Billy T James i te rā tekau mā whitu o Hānuere i te tau kotahi mano, iwa rau, whā tekau mā waru. I whānau mai a Billy T i Kemureti, Waikato. I kuraina tuatahitia ia ki Whāngārei . Nō tōna otinga o tōna kura i Whāngārei haikura, I akina a Billy T e tana matua kia whai i te mahi matatuhi, te mea ai ahana tautōhito . Kei te mōhiotia a Billy mōtana kaha ki te matatuhi, nā te mea ana māramatanga . Kātahi ka whakawhiti ia ki Ahitereiria, Amerika, Ūropi , me Peretānia ka hoki a Billy T ki tawhei whakangahau ai. I muri iho mai, ka whānau tōna tamāhine , ko tōna ingoa - Cherie James. Waihoki I hinga a Billy T i te whitu o Hereturikōkā i te tau kotahi mano, iwa rau, iwa tekau mā tahi. I whakahaere tātau he pō maumahara tino nui mana.
Ko Billy T James tētahi tangata ngahau nō Aoatearoa, he kai whakakata, he ringapuoro anō hoki ia. He tuahangata Māoriia mō te wā i ora ia, mō ōna tūmomo Pukukohe. Ko te nuinga o ngā tāngata i mōhio , i arohatia i āia nō runga i the pouaka whakaata, i te tau kotahi mano, iwa rau, waru tekau mā tahi. I kitea I āia I runga I ngā momo hōtaka pērā I te ‘Radio Times’, I roto i tēnā tau o rite,...

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