Marijuana Isnt Just For Hippies Tcc Eng 112 Essay

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Marijuana Isn’t Just for Hippies
Marijuana is an issue that seems to always have a split decision when addressing the issue. There seems to be a balance between those for legalization as well as against it. There was a period when marijuana did not have any criminal consequences associated with it. President Nixon was the President who acted to classify marijuana as Schedule I drug. If the medicinal uses were observed during these times I feel as if their judgment may have changed. Marijuana should be legalized not only at the state level but the federal level as well.
When used marijuana does produce mind-altering effects that may impact someone’s judgement or actions. Driving while under the influence of marijuana is extremely dangerous for not the just the driver, but those on the road as well. Like any substance there is also a potential for dependency on marijuana. Dependency could eventually lead to bad situations for those experiencing these problems. These are just a few reasons why people are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I do agree that if used irresponsibly this could create dangerous situations.
As of recently there is tremendous amounts of evidence that marijuana is known to have positive medical effects while used. According to the medical journal Neurology, medical marijuana benefits those that suffer from mood disorders and depression. Evidence has also shown that medical marijuana has benefited patients who suffer from a variety of cancers. The American Journal of Clinical Oncology explains how the chemicals within marijuana help with the side of effects of cancer treatment. Although there are pharmaceutical medicines made to treat these issues, they are not always the safest when it comes to long-term care. Prescription medicine has the highest addiction rate in America and causes many deaths. Safer alternatives are there for those that need it and do not want to experience the use of pharmaceutical medicine.
When it comes to the legalization of marijuana there should be very strict regulations put into place. People under the age of 21 should not be allowed to use or purchase any cannabis products. There are similar rules when dealing with alcohol and tobacco products. Although alcohol and tobacco products have no health benefit they are federally regulated and available for purchase anywhere. There should be punishments for those who choose to use cannabis products irresponsibly. There is currently still designated smoke area for those who choose to smoke cigarettes. The same can be done when using marijuana publicly. The legalization of marijuana is more than just medical benefits or personal indulgence, there is great potential for financial gain. Just as the government places taxes on alcohol and tobacco, there can be similar actions imposed on cannabis. According to Forbes, legal cannabis contributed to an additional $58 million to the local economy of Pueblo County, Colorado. These extra funds were used to improve upon on the local community. The economy also experienced a rise in job opportunity in working for these new cannabis companies.
The word drug has been attached to the word marijuana for a long time which has shaped people’s perspective on the substance. In the times of advanced technology and science we have been able to prove marijuana may be beneficial. There were so many things unknown when marijuana was made illegal, including how much potential the plant has. Cannabis should certainly be made legal for adult use and medical purposes. The cannabis industry has so much potential for financial gain that could contribute so much to the United States. The legalization of marijuana could potentially help with some of the debt the country currently has. Cannabis industries could help local areas as well in extra funding for construction, expansion, and many other needed resources. With so many different positive benefits that come along with marijuana, hopefully the time is near for the legalization process. Marijuana has the potential to heal physically, mentally, and financially. Such a simple plant with so many ways to benefit from the elements within it. Society is aware of the dangers behind the use of alcohol and tobacco and some still choose to induldge. Marijuana can be placed in that same criteria and treated the same way, which is responsibly.


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