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Marijuana Legally Introduced To Society Essay

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Marijuana is one of the most highly used drugs in America. It is illegal to use, sell or posess in the United States under federal law, but under state law, it is legal to use for medicinal purposes only. Doctors have proven that it does have medicinal qualitys. This is why states allow it to be used for medicinal use with a doctors conscent. Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes, industrial use and medicinal research.Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. Research has shown that marijuana has many medicinal purposes including: stress relief, pain relief for migrains, helps people with cancer and anorexia to eat, it eases glaucoma and it also ...view middle of the document...

One quote from the article says that the 77% cellulose from hemp,"can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to cellophane." Just as this article went to press the marijuana tax act took effect, which effectively killed the hemp industry. Knowing all this, marijuana should be legal for industrial use.Marijuana should also be legal for medical research. Researchers do not fully understand all side effects of T.H.C. (tetrahydrocannibinal) which is the chemical in marijuana that makes it a drug. They know that T.H.C. is a chemical that is naturally produced by the brain in humans during infant years. Smoking marijuana is known to burn away the brain stems in the center of the brain which may cause trouble with some hand eye coordination. Fortunately, they do grow back but it also causes short term memory loss that may not fully go back to its original capability. Eating a marijuana eatable has no known side effects besides being an intoxicant. There must be studys done to prove that marijuana has more good traits than bad. More research could find it better or worse than we expected but either way, we ought to know. For medical research, marijuana should be legal.In conclusion, marijuana should be legal under state and federal law. It is a part of society, a part of medical research, and a part of everyone who uses it for health reasons or recreational use. Medical use, industrial use and recreational use are all reasons why marijuana should be legal.

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