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Phylum Cnidaria
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Comparative Anatomy and Classification Lab
Marine Biology Fall 2014
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In this lab you will be examining and comparing a select number of members from the Phylum Cnidaria. All of these organism share similar characteristics such as possessing sting cells and a gastrovascular cavity. The “bag in a bag” body plan is also indicative of the members of the Cnidarians taxon. On the other hand they are quite diverse in life styles and each has characteristics that make them unique.
Jellyfish – Aurelia – Examine the jellyfish specimen. The adult form is called a _________________. Is the jellyfish herbivorous or carnivorous? _________________ Does this specimen have nematocysts? ______________. True jellyfish belong to the ________________________class of Cnidarians.
Draw this jellyfish specimen. Label the bell (the body of the medusa), mouth, tentacles, nematocysts, gastro vascular cavity, and the gonads.
1. Describe how this jellyfish obtains food and then extracts nutrients. What structures are involved?
Coral (assorted species) – Using a dissection microscope examine a piece of coral.
Coral polyps create a structure made of calcium carbonate called a calyx in which they live. A piece of coral is a colony of many calyx’s that re fused together. Draw the calyx of two separate coral species using the dissection microscope.
1. Was this piece of coral a single organism or a colony of many? ______________________
2. What is the coral “skeleton” made of? _____________________
3. Each individual hole contained a coral animal. The adult form for each one is called a ______________________
4. What is the Class name for this organism? ________________________
5. Do coral have nematocysts? ______________________
6. Which type of coral (from another Class) have nematocysts that can cause pain? ___________________________
7. Hypothesize why the coral live as a colony as opposed to individually among the ocean floor.
8. Where in the oceans are coral reefs found? Are they found in deep water or shallow? Warmer or cold waters?
Why do you think that coral reefs are found where they are on earth?
Sea Anemone – Metridium – External anatomy- Examine the sea anemone specimen from the top. On a separate piece of blank paper draw a detailed picture of what you see. Use ½ of the page. Label the following(use a straight edge!): mouth, tentacles, nematocysts, oral disk. Next, look at the anemone from the side. What type of symmetry does this organism and every other in this lab have? _________________. Make another drawing of the side view. Use ...


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