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Market Analysis Of Branded Rice Market, Pakistan

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IDEAL RICE INDUSTRIES LTD.The report consists of pre launch marketing research survey conducted at different shops/stores in Johar Town, Wapda Town, PIA Colony, & PCSIR II Society (Adjoining Johar Town). It provides a detailed analysis of the research work including the SWOT, PEST analysis & the marketing research. It is submitted to the Ideal Rice Industries Pvt. Ltd. Submitted by Yasir Saeed, Lahore School of Economics to Ideal Rice Industries Pvt. Ltd. Table of ContentsRice Importers & Exporters of Pakistanpg.3Rice export potential for Pakistanpg.4Sales Strategypg. 7Steps to a successful marketing planpg. 9Observation & Analysispg. 12SWOT & PEST Analysispg. ...view middle of the document...

Pakistan is likely to have a rice bumper crop in this financial year with the total production of 6.2 million tonnes. The domestic requirement is 2.2 million tonnes while the rest 4 million tonnes will be for export.Pakistan's rice exports have crossed $1.18 billion figure in the first six months of current fiscal year. This is the first time in the history that rice exports have crossed 1 billion marks in half a year. It is assessed that now Pakistan has become the third largest exporter after Thailand and Vietnam. Total rice exports are anticipated to exceed the target of $2.30 billion. The basmati rice started arriving in March from mills and it is anticipated that total rice exports would remain in the level of $2.40 billion.Pakistani rice is the best quality in the world. Our economy has an advantage in producing basmati rice to foreign countries as they prefer aromatic and long grain rice. It enjoys a high comparative advantage to export to European countries because of a large number of the population of Indo-Pak subcontinent settled there and their preference for basmati rice. Pakistan exports 80 per cent super basmati rice to European Union.In the past, Pakistan was having a share of 54 per cent rice share in Saudi total export market but it has now fallen down to 8 percent because Pakistani exporters are unable to meet the demand of parboil rice. Good quality basmati rice is exported to Gulf States, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, etc. Non-basmati rice is exported to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Sudan, etc.More than a thousand varieties of rice are grown throughout the world. There are different varieties of rice grown varying in size, colour and flavour. Basmati rice is the favorite for every one and its popularity is growing day by day. This rice has a distinctive flavour and aromatic that can give more distinction to any recipe. Two varieties control the rice market in Pakistan.Pakistan is known for producing and exporting basmati and irri rice. Basmati is grown in Punjab and irri is grown in both Punjab and Sindh. The major types of basmati rice exported are Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Parboiled Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Basmati Pk 385 Rice, D 98 Basmati Rice, etc. Types of Irri rice exported are Irri-6 Long Grain Rice, Irri-9 Long Grain Rice, Irri-386 Long Grain Rice, etc.Pakistan, in order to have a high quality rice production for substantial exports, must increase basmati yield. The yield can be dramatically increased by developing new rice yield through comprehensive research and development. Better quality resistance to insect and pest diseases, pure highly quality and healthy seeds be supplied to the farmers. For high rice yields, proper management of weeds is essential for effective control of insects and pest diseases. Timely sowing of nursery beds and transplanting be done efficiently. Harvesting and threshing be done at proper time with great care to avoid any mixture and also for the...

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