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Marketing Branding Strategies Axia College Mkt 230

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Branding Strategies

The most successful companies tend to do business all over the world.� Coca - Cola is one of them, This Company is seen all over the TV and billboards.� They are so successful on their product because of the new things they come up with every year.� This is some of the branding strategy they have to do in order to stay in business with investors all over the ...view middle of the document...

� In almost every country on the planet has had advertisement to the viewers on the TV and Internet.� In order to get their word out that their drinks are the best, they get a major sports icon to drink it in front of everyone.� Coca - Cola has been around for a long time and once the consumer drink it then they are hooked to it because of how recognizable it has to society.��

We the people have noticed that Coca - Cola has been around for many generations.� The media has been a big impact on advertising this brand to the public as sporting events, to having the image on a racecar.� They get the word out even without putting at words on the images of Coca - Cola.� One other ways that Coca - Cola compete with other drinks is to put out free rewards for every time consumers drink their soft drinks.��

These companies made so much profit because they have diversified their drink into many different flavors.� They bottled drinks to the red wording on the cans had got the consumers attention to have it in their hands.� In conclusion this brand of drinks, Coca - Cola had sponsored and helps the need of others in order to be a successful company

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