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Part 1
Begin by determining what comparison films gross (as a percentage) in the domestic marketplace (U.S. and Canada) vs. the international market place (i.e., what is the share of each). Take the total domestic gross and divide by the total worldwide gross to get the domestic share (percentage), and then do the same with the international gross for the international share (percentage). Then, using your comparison films, figure out what an average share would be for your movie. Make sure you make a compelling argument and support why you chose the comparison films you did (e.g., did you look at movies of a similar genre, movies with same stars, similar source material, etc.).
I have decided to choose the movie “Hidden Figures” starring Taraji Henson. I believe this movie is a great movie to compare
For comparison films I decided to use 4 categories:
1. Space epics
2. Taraji P. Henson
3. Black Movie
4. Societal and civil right issues
1. Space epics:
Hidden Figures is a movie about how three women played a vital role in the launch of the now late astronaut John Glenn into orbit as well as in orchestrating his safe return. The movie is constantly relates to their effort to successfully launch spaceship to space and land it back to earth.
The comparison movies I picked on the Space Epics category are Interstellar, The Martian, Gravity and Armageddon.
· Interstellar: As Hidden figures is it is a Space movie where solving an existential equation is crucial. Therefore, I believe the audience is Scholars and Sci-Fi fans.
· The Martian: The Martian is a space movie. Therefore, it attracts sci-fi.
· Gravity: It is a space movie with a Female lead actor. Therefore, the targeted audience is Sci-Fi fans and Female.
· Armageddon: Sci fi fans.
2. Taraji Henson
Taraji P. Henson is the main character; she is portraying Katherine Coleman Johnson. Katherine Colman Johnson is an African-American mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. manned spaceflights.
3. Black Movie
Hidden figures lead and co leads are four African-American actors. A black film is defined by classification of film that has a broad definition relating to the film involving participation and/or representation of black people. The definition may involve the film having a black cast, a black crew, a black director, a black story, or a focus on black audiences. (Chicago Tribune, 2005.)Therefore, Hidden figures is a black movie.
4. Societal and civil right issues
The movie is taking place from the 1930s to the 1960s a time during which civil rights and segregation was still a big issue and the movie shows the issues that African-Americans had to face on a daily basis.
 In 1961, a time of segregation and rampant racism and sexism, three African-American women overcame every challenge they faced and helped NASA in the early days of the Space Race. All three women are given tremendous opportunities that come...

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