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Task 1Introduction1.11 In this task I am going to explain how marketing techniques are used to market products, the marketing technique that is used is to market these products is Ansoff's matrix.1.12A corporate object is a set of goals the company gives itself to make sure that they have sold the amount of products they decided to sell in that amount of time; Ansoff's matrix is good way to do this because it gives the business an idea of how they can sell their products and how they can archive this. This marketing technique helps the business to stick to its time frame. It's really important for the business to stick the time frame they set up to sell their products because by using this system of marketing will benefit the business and they will be able to know how much of their product they have sold in that time and if they don't sell as much they thought they might have to change where they are selling their product and the business will know if their product is in high demand or not.1.13 Ansoff's matrix is a good way to do this because it shows the different types of marketing techniques you can use; there are four types of marketing technique. Marketing penetration, product development, market development and diversification. It gives a company an idea about how they can market their product to the public. Branding is a unique of doing it, making a logo for the business gives the business customers an easy way they can identify the products they make.1.14In this task I will make a report on how marketing techniques are used to sell products to the public, I will also describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations and then I will compare the two products on how they are relationship products with a transitional products, the two products that I will using as examples is the Xbox console and Xbox live service.1.15A transitional product is when you buy a product once and have no regular contact with the actual company. The transitional product I am using as an example is the micro-soft and the product they make is the Xbox 360 video game console, it's a black console and you can decide how much storage you want on it 250 GB, 4GB or 16GB and it costs £159.99 for a new one thou you £109.99 for a pre-owned one and it's made by micro-soft, Its main rival in gaming business is Sony which makes a similar type of console the Xbox 360 competes with, the product Sony makes is the PlayStation 3. For micro-soft to sell their product successfully they will have to use Ansoff's matrix and one of the methods they would use is product development. Product development means new products will be made and will be sold on the same market. Product development will allow micro-soft to promote their product because they know that their loyal customers will definitely buy any new product they make so by sell it to same market the business is promoting the new product, Micro-soft would apply this method of marketing by being aware where their previous product was sold the most and taking their new products there.1.16A relationship product is like service you apply for that you can't get from the company but you can get from somewhere else. The relationship product I am using as an example is the Xbox live gold membership service; this allows you to play your games online with friends and other people from around the world. There are different types of memberships available to the public, they offer the three months membership which is £12.99 with this membership you can play games online, watch videos and play music and it can be found in at different shops, they main competitor is PlayStation 3 which offers the same service for free. I believe the best method for Xbox or micro-soft to sell this membership is by using market development this is because the product the business will be able to sell the product and they will be able to make a profit, market development is when you sell an already existing product on a new market and this method will greatly benefit because that way they will promoting the service Xbox membership service in new areas, which will then increase the sales of the product.1.17In conclusion marketing techniques are used all in same way and it's really important that they are used as guidelines to help you make your business a success. This can be achievable as long as you follow the instruction and follow the easy steps and it shows that transitional and relationship products can be used for different purposes in different places.1.18Reference:Pictures of Xbox live membership from of Xbox console


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