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Marketing Plan For Development Of Multi Cultural Calendar

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TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Situational Analysis (from industry perspective)2.1 Costs2.2 Profits2.3 Competitors2.4 Macro environment market summary2.5 Market demographics2.6 Market needs2.7 Market trends2.8 Market growth2.9 SWOTT analysis2.9.1 Strengths2.9.2 Weaknesses2.9.3 Opportunities2.9.4 Threats2.9.5 Trends3.0 Marketing Strategy3.1 Financial plan3.2 Market objective3.3 Target market3.4 Segmentation3.5 Differentiation3.6 Positioning3.7 Market research4.0 Product life cycle5.0 Distribution5.1 Product features/specifications5.1.1Specification5.1.2 Packaging5.1.3 Branding5.1.4 Attributes5.1.5 Benefits6.0 Pricing Strategy6.1 Market strategy for distribution and promotion6.1.1 ...view middle of the document...

This is not the case in just one area but in most regions, if not all, of the United States. In an effort to try and capitalize on this trend, a bikini calendar called, "SHADES OF SEATTLE", has been created.Shades of Seattle is a sixteen-month calendar that include pictures of some of Seattle's most beautiful amateur models. All of these models have different nationalities and are of different shade/tones. The calendar is very classy and is the only calendar in Seattle that has been created using local models that represent this area. As a result, this calendar is expected to do well.2.3 COMPETITORSMany companies make and sell calendars. However, the major competitors in this industry are John F. Turner, Brown Trout, Teldon International, and Octagon.2.4 MACRO ENVIRONMENT MARKET SUMMARYThe calendar market is basically divided into two several different categories, hard-copy calendars, PDA, and computer-based calendars. Hard-copy calendars having been around the longest have had to split the market with advances in technology. Even so, there is still tremendous demand for hard-copy calendars.2.5 MARKET DEMOGRAPHICSA common-known fact is that mankind has been using calendars at least as far back as the ancient Chinese. Most adults and some children, particularly teenagers, use calendars every day. Calendars, in general, are used by most every one regardless of demographic boundaries. For example, race, religion, and age have little bearing which type of people use calendars more than others. A general distinction can be made, however, between people who are very busy from those who are not busy at all. Generally, the busier people are, the more apt they are to use calendars.Although many people use electronic calendars and day planner calendars, most probably also have hard-copy calendars around their homes as well. Despite the convenience of electronic calendars, hard-copy calendars continue to be a familiar tool for most people to go back to for reference.2.6 MARKET NEEDSCalendars are available in many different formats and mediums. Consumer needs are different. Some research the many calendars available, determine the e one they want, and buy that calendar specifically. On the other hand, many others obtain calendars as they browse through book stores, grocery stores, drug stores, etc. These consumers purchase decision was more impromptu and compulsive.2.7 MARKET TRENDSThe trend over the last decade has definitely been away from hard-copy calendars toward more computer-based types of offerings. However, this trend has most likely leveled off. People will most likely always want and need hard-copy calendars.2.8 MARKET GROWTHThe market for calendars as a whole should continue to grow as technological advances continue. Hard-copy calendar market growth should be minimal growth to flat growth. People, who make the decision to purchase a hard-copy calendar will most likely only buy a limited quantity. New suppliers of calendars, if successful, will...

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