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What Relevance of Postmodern Marketing to Coca-Cola Company?
One may define marketing as a set of activities, which involve the creation, exchange, delivery, and communication of valuable information of a product in a bid to woe customers as well as other relevant stakeholders to buy or subscribe to a product or service. In view of this definition, an individual may argue that marketing is indeed an integral part of the production, which plays an important role in the success of a product. Notably, human beings are in a constant evolution mode in as far as fashion, preference, art, culture, and most forms of social interaction are concerned. One would, therefore, summarize the phenomenon of Postmodernism as the present trends of human socio-political and economic interactions, which they consider relevant and up-to-date in as far as civilization is concerned. This paper seeks to review the concept of postmodern marketing and evaluate its applicability in the context of Coca-Cola Company.
Literature Review
Cova and Dalli (2009, p.4) note that the consumer trends have changed over time and that the current consumers are characterized by their unending quest to find their identity. They highlight that contemporary consumers have set a trend for a tribal brand, which involves the selection of commodities on the basis of the prevailing attitude and knowledge of the commodities’ value or authenticity. What the authors imply is that individuals, who live in the postmodern era, tend to associate themselves with the brands, which they know enough details about – such as the production process, origin, value, and impacts of use.
This trend is arguably driven by the need to identify with the products as the makers of the brands. This insight by Cova and Dalli (2009) is arguably sensible and inspirational, as far as the profitability of a company’s marketing activities is concerned. It reveals, that companies need to adopt new and appropriate marketing strategies, which aim at appealing postmodern consumers. Given the situation, it is imperative for companies or organizations to respond positively to the non-conventional needs or demands of the consumers in order to remain relevant and ensure profitability of their marketing activities.
Taleghani et all (2011, p.78) observe that business organizations, which offer services are presently in a competition mode for a more restrictive and dynamic market as a result of postmodernism. The authors attribute the increase in the level of competition to the high demands, which the customers of the postmodern age have put up. To be precise, they single out banking and financial institutions needing to come up with better marketing strategies, which meet the expectations of the postmodern customers. They note that there has been a paradigm shift in marketing, in the sense that geographical distance is no longer a factor for consumption. Instead, people nowadays prefer to go for organizations, which prioritize speed of...

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