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IB2090 Marketing Seminar Week 4 Case Study
Volvo – Putting the Vroom back into Sales
Volvo became one of the most successful automotive brands for its parent Ford Motor Corporation. When Ford bought Volvo, they bought not only a successful brand and a unique culture, which has never been forced into being just a Ford subsidiary. Volvo maintained independence but benefited from platform sharing, shared research and development, and combined buying power. However, sales for Volvo in 2008 were dramatically down by 18.3% in 2008, and sales were continuing to underperform in 2009. Volvo is a relatively small car manufacturer with less than 1% market share of 62 million cars sold worldwide annually. The world car market is facing enormous difficulties due to sluggish demand, poor economic climates in key markets, and overcapacity within the industry. A white knight in the form of Chinese manufacturer Geely paid Ford $1.8 billion for the car brand, hoping to reverse Volvo’s downward trajectory.
The company’s overall long-term aim is to sell 800,000 cars by 2020. The company ceased assembly operations in South Africa, and has now started ramping up production in China. The company has built a factory in China with a capacity to produce 100,000 a year, with a second plant in the pipeline to build an additional 100,000 cars. Geely has big plans for Volvo in China. It believes that success can be achieved through strategic positioning and operational effectiveness (e.g. shared technologies, cost advantages). Their emphasis is on design, safety, and sustainability. The company has launched the DRIVe initiative aimed at reducing the carbon emissions of its popular models. Furthermore, it also aims at launching a further plug-in hybrid models.
The case traces the problems facing Volvo and discusses the company’s planned turnaround strategy, and they are trying to come up with strategies to halt the decline. Volvo has launched Volvo Vision 2020, where the firm aims to differentiate itself from its competitors. The two central blanks of this strategy is an ongoing commitment to ...


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1575 words - 7 pages product attributes, advertising, distribution and pricing must recognise these differences. In deciding the approach to segmentation strategy, a marketer may ask two key questions; 1 Do the people in different segments behave differently towards the product or service or marketing element offers (eg price points, advertising campaigns, promotions etc)? 2 Would it be cost effective to use different marketing elements ( eg advertising, promotions etc

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2294 words - 10 pages to the customers is becoming easier and easier, some of the key changes from traditional are: · Experience based marketing is taking off as with start of technology it is very easy to reach customers to communicate the value preposition, hence firms are trying get an edge through creating better experience · Segmentation up to the individual level, as technology allows us to connect to the customers individually. · Marketing now includes the two

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3523 words - 15 pages turnover rates.B2B marketing is according to Wright (2004) 'where one business markets products or services to another business for use in that business or to sell on to other businesses for their own use.' B2C marketing is 'where one business markets products and services either to another business, i.e. a wholesaler or a retailer to sell on to the end consumer, or to the end consumer direct.' (Wright 2004)This report focuses on the FMCG market and

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1227 words - 5 pages income Seminar Format For our presentation on cell phone marketing our main presentation tool will be power point. We are hopping to take advantage of the digital projector, if that is unavailable we will be able to use the overhead projector. Throughout our power point presentation we will have paper ads and pamphlets for the class to pass around to show how the different service providers portray them.Krista will be responsible for explaining

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2531 words - 11 pages Free Student: Jan Jacob Meinen (S00243801) Course: Digital Marketing – the connected space Lecturer: Mrs Francesca Caflisch-Martin Campus: North Sydney Word Count: 2038 words Marketing Essay Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business Practises and Future Perspective DISCLAIMER: I hereby certify that I am the author of this document/paper. All the sources that I have used have been fully acknowledged and disclosed. Any data, ideas or words from