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In this paper, Learning D will address the marketing tools for the online bookseller industry. Team D describes how three different websites, Barnes & Noble, Books Online and Amazon, conduct business on the internet with focus on marketing tools used within the three websites and an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site of the three sites.Barnes & NobleThe Barnes and Noble site does not heavily market major commercial partnerships; whereas this site utilizes smaller websites that drive business to their own site. The "partner sites" are fostered with an incentive program, offering the smaller companies a percentage of sales from referral links. Quarterly, if a partner refers $5,000-$24,999 worth of sales to Barnes and Noble, they receive a 1% cut of those sales. The incentive is raised accordingly maxing out at 3.5% of sales. Another marketing tool is also used with college partnerships, aligning with several schools across the nation to provide online bookstore development as well as serving as a supplier to these sites.A unique marketing method uses commercial website partnerships creating online bookstores. Boasting a one week setup time for one's own Barnes and Noble partner site, the company helps create and administers these sites with their own staff. Although these partner sites are created, no referral links are cluttering the primary website. This link-free marketing on the site has kept Barnes and Noble ahead of the curve, but not by much. By looking at an analysis of the top three retailers, one sees that the physical stores owned by Barnes and Noble still top the list of bookstores, but the online store ranks significantly behind and sees only single-digit growth numbers most years according to their annual statements (Barnes and Noble, 2006).Customer service links on the website are traditionally placed in the form of a text link at the top and bottom of the page. Once clicked on, several options for specific types of customer support needed appears in the form of text-linked categories, including FAQ's for new customers, gift options, getting started on opening an account, business services, searching the affiliate online stores as well as a direct link for specific customer service. The design of the support pages is appealing due to the quick load of an all-text page.AmazonAmazon uses simple marketing strategies such as e-mails inviting a consumer to go to to view millions of products that are offered. Amazon has developed partnerships with different retailers that advertise their association with Amazon, such as Target, Office Depot, and Cannon. Other partners who provide services are Fidelity Investments, Shutter fly, Sidestep, Tire Rack and Weight watchers. The partner's logos can be clicked to link them to the partner's site.Amazon also offers a web service that provides developers with direct access to Amazon's robust technology platform. Invit...


Marketing Differences B2B & B2C Paper

1283 words - 6 pages IntroductionMarketing is an important part of any business, whether on the World Wide Web or not. Basically marketing is the linking of a producer (or potential producer) of any given service or product offered with customers, both existing and potential. This is also true for all online businesses that conduct between businesses to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B). Marketing research is formed thru several social sciences

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824 words - 4 pages advertising," and makes up 50% of all online advertisements. "Search advertising relates to keyword based search engine optimization and paid advertising via pay per click campaigns" ("What is online advertising," 2001). When searching for mortgage companies, the search advertising method may be a very effective campaign.So far most of the emphasis for the marketing plan has been placed on where to advertise, but what is missing is who McBride is

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4203 words - 17 pages needs to be considered by business owners. Businesses can no longer take their customers and clients loyalty for granted and need to adopt on going marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of their competitors. The impacts on business are also a huge consideration such as the impact of new technology (Holm,2006). The discovery of the internet and an increase in the variety of online tools has made a significant increase in the portfolio and of

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1498 words - 6 pages -marketing with e-commerce1.1 AdvertisingThe main connection between e-commerce and mass marketing is advertising.Traditional advertising for mass-marketing are:•TV and Radio•Magazines and Newspapers•Billboards•BrochuresE-commerce makes also advertising but on the internet, everything takeplace online.1.2 ProductionAs mass-marketing such e-commerce produces different products.2 Mass marketing dying today2.2 Mass marketing means the

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2294 words - 10 pages Communication Strategies For effective communication make sure to use communication tools like use of social media marketing like the Facebook and Twitter tweets and updates, digital mode of communication through the websites, distributing newsletters, posters thereby creating awareness about the products and brands to the customers · Relationship Management Strategies E-marketing correspondence strategies additionally help relationships a firm with an association's partners, supply chain members, or clients.

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1249 words - 5 pages IntroductionXYZ has completed their initial thrust gathering primary and secondary data in Ireland and determined their product should be a success. The necessary export licenses to sell XYZ product in Ireland have been submitted to the State Department and once the State Department has approved the export releases, focusing on an outline for a successful marketing communications program will begin.Joining the Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the

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2531 words - 11 pages Free ) Owned Media Owned media are the properties a company has online. This may include a website, blog page, mobile applications or social media channels. The company owns in this case the property, which makes it free-of-charge for them to use this type of digital marketing. (Machin, 2017) One of the widely adopted strategies nowadays, excellent customer service, is usually executed by using digital marketing platforms, like a corporate Facebook

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1614 words - 7 pages courses of data analysis for business and digital marketing in the Coursera websites before graduation where is a good place to learn professional skills through online courses, which can also enrich my resume and provide me with better job opportunities. In the meanwhile, I will make use of my energy and curiosity, won’t miss any chance to learn new things and improve my comprehensive quality for preparation for my aspirations. Reference 1. Creedy

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2152 words - 9 pages stakeholders from businesses and the community” cited in (Soloman et al. 9). This highlights that not only is marketing aimed at satisfying customers, it is also pinpointed at the businesses stakeholders as they have as much of an impact on creating positive returns for the organisation. Marketing is a fast moving, dynamic, living aspect of organisations that alters as the needs and expectations of society changes, ensuring that no definition will

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464 words - 2 pages also constitutes a structural initiative designed to foster destination performance and competitiveness. Tools will need to be developed. Topics of interest to be considered include quality and human resource management, sustainable practices, tourism innovation, Internet, and so on. Page 20 But we all know that Traditional travel agents became sun-set business recently, they lack innovations and online business, they don’t have ability to

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1091 words - 5 pages *sampled*brand*rather*than*a*passive* encounter.* •! Coupon*–*reward*consumers*for*purchasing*the*coupon;offering*brand*by*providing*either* cent;off*savings*or*free*merchandise.*Free*merchandise*offers*typically*come*in*the*form*of* buy*1*get*1*free.*Coupons*are*delivered*through*newspapers,*magazines,*freestanding* inserts,*direct*mail*in*or*on*packages*and*increasingly*online.* •! Purchase*premiums*–*are*versatile*promotion*tools,*possessing*the

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1174 words - 5 pages INTRODUCTION:This marketing plan is prepared to explain the goals and objectives of a dedicated marketing function within The Swatch Group (Swiss) when The Swatch Group (Swiss) exports Natural Sign Swatch Watch to Malaysia. This plan draws on the experience of marketing professionals in this industry as well as professionals in the advertising, marketing and community relations' disciplines of the private sector. The target market is for

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2433 words - 10 pages with self-employment. Target Jobs is an online company who provides career advice for graduates looking for full-time work. In their business section, they advise a number of key attributes needed to work within the marketing sector. I've drawn together some of the main attributes listed; Interpersonal skills; creativity; teamwork; IT skills; commercial awareness and teamwork. The overlap of attributes between marketing and self-employment only

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3807 words - 16 pages Free , making use of their relationships to users to link their needs with the branding goals of advertisers (e.g. iVillage). Referring to global marketing, Palumbo and Herbig state that the Internet can also be used to increase brand awareness all over the world.Marketers soon were convinced by the Internet's huge potential for success. The online medium was thought of as a simple way to create a differentiated image with little efforts to develop

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433 words - 2 pages brands name goods and operated by Alibaba. When customers choose products on Canada Goose’s China official website, it will direct you to Tmall store instated of purchasing goods from the official website like what the company does in Canada. What’s more, the other Chinese online shopping platforms listed on the official website is SHANGPIN, a Chinese luxury-shopping app. Canada Goose primarily relies on word-of-mouth buzz for the bulk of it