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Marketing Tools For Online Booksellers Essay

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In this paper, Learning D will address the marketing tools for the online bookseller industry. Team D describes how three different websites, Barnes & Noble, Books Online and Amazon, conduct business on the internet with focus on marketing tools used within the three websites and an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site of the three sites.Barnes & NobleThe Barnes and Noble site does not heavily market major commercial partnerships; whereas this site utilizes smaller websites that drive business to their own site. The "partner sites" are fostered with an incentive program, offering the smaller companies a percentage of sales from referral links. Quarterly, ...view middle of the document...

Once clicked on, several options for specific types of customer support needed appears in the form of text-linked categories, including FAQ's for new customers, gift options, getting started on opening an account, business services, searching the affiliate online stores as well as a direct link for specific customer service. The design of the support pages is appealing due to the quick load of an all-text page.AmazonAmazon uses simple marketing strategies such as e-mails inviting a consumer to go to to view millions of products that are offered. Amazon has developed partnerships with different retailers that advertise their association with Amazon, such as Target, Office Depot, and Cannon. Other partners who provide services are Fidelity Investments, Shutter fly, Sidestep, Tire Rack and Weight watchers. The partner's logos can be clicked to link them to the partner's site.Amazon also offers a web service that provides developers with direct access to Amazon's robust technology platform. Inviting others to utilize Amazon's suite of web services to enable and enhance their applications. Amazon also has connected themselves with a variety of broadband services in which Amazon advertises such as Comcast, VERIZON, Quest, EarthLink, AT&T and Yahoo.Amazon's customer service was a little hard to find at first on their website, but once a potential customer realizes that "HELP" is linked to customer service, a consumer is on the road to multiple services. The services include the usual topics such as Shipping and Delivery, Privacy and Security, Returns and Replacements, Ordering, Payments, Pricing and Promotions, Viewing and Changing Orders, Gifts, Gift Certificates, and Registries, and Updating Account Information. One topic that sticks out and is more personalized to the site is the " Shopping Experience" which discuss such items as their huge selection of products in over 30 categories, and how the site offers many other opportunities to enhance a person's shopping experience--from downloading free MP3s to watching streaming video to using your Digital Locker. Overall, I found the Amazon site very intriguing, yet subtle in their strategies in "pulling" a consumer into a shopping experience.Books OnlineBooks Online conducts its marketing using 3 different strategies:Affiliate ProgramPartnerCentric - a strategic marketing companyE-mails to potential customersThe Books Online affiliate program allows the consumer to place links to book clubs on...

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