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Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop
Australia’s first Saint - Milla Amy
On January 15th 1842 Mary Mackillop was born. Mary was born in
Fitzroy in Melbourne and was an Australian Catholic Woman. Mary was
then baptized on the 28th of February. Mary was the oldest of eight
children and from then on was raised in the working class of Melbourne
in Fitzroy. Being the oldest of eight children she quickly took
responsibility of her siblings and the financial side of things. Mary had
learnt many things from her family and had taken them into practice.
Mary had taken all her skills, packed her life away in Melbourne and left
for Brisbane. On the 8th of December Mary takes vows. Mary was
excommunicated on the 22nd of September, 1871, by Bishop Sheil
because alleged disobedience, most of the schools were closed and the
Sisterhood almost disbanded. A year later, Mary’s excommunication was
removed on the 23rd of February 1872 by order of the Bishop 9 days
before he passed away. A year after that Mary travelled to Rome to seek
approval of the rules written by Father Woods. In 1874 Mary returned
home on the 24th of December with 15 irish applicants, which were nuns
wanting to join Mary’s order. A year later, in 1875, Mary was elected
Superior General for St Joseph’s institute. Moving on 6 years later, in
1881, Mary was then re elected Superior General for St Joseph’s.
Proceeding on 4 years later, in 1885, Cardinal Moran informs Mary that
her election in 1881 is invalid and appoints Mother Bernard Walsh as
leader. 2 years later, in 1887, Rome rejects the Sydney Synod decree
asserting diocesan control over the Sisters. Fast forwarding about 12
years later Mary Mackillop is elected Superior General after death of
Mother Bernard Walsh. She lives with that title for 11 years however,
Mary then proceeded to pass away on the 8th of August at Mount Street,
North Sydney. Later on was buried in Gore Hill Cemetery. After the
death of Mary she was recognised for her empowering leadership, 101
years later in 2010, Mary was canonized in Rome. Mary was apart of a
religious order, Sisters of St Joseph and was recognized for helping
people. She was recognized for educating students at many schools and
was determined to serve God for providing education for the poor. Mary
was a kind, caring, helping and compassionate person towards the
Catholic Church and will forever...

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