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Translating Words into Algebraic Expressions
Operation Word Expression Algebraic Expression
Add, Added to, the sum of, more
than, increased by, the total of,
Add x to y x + y
y added to 7 7+ y
The sum of a and b a + b
m more than n n + m
p increased by 10 p + 10
The total of q and 10 q + 10
9 plus m 9 + m
Subtract, subtract from,
difference, between, less, less
than, decreased by, diminished
by, take away, reduced by,
exceeds, minus
Subtract x from y y - x
From x, subtract y x - y
The difference between x and 7 x -7
10 less m 10 - m
10 less than m m - 10
p decreased by 11 p - 11
8 diminished by w 8 - w
y take away z y - z
p reduced by 6 p - 6
x exceeds y x - y
r minus s r - s
Multiply, times, the product of,
multiplied by, times as much, of ×
7 times y 7y
The product of x and y xy
5 multiplied by y 5y
one-fifth of p
Divide, divides, divided by, the
quotient of, the ratio of, equal
amounts of, per
Divide x by 6
or x ÷ 6
7 divides x
or x ÷ 7
7 divided by x
or 7 ÷ x
The quotient of y and 5
or y ÷ 5
The ratio of u to v
or u ÷ v
u separated into 4 equal parts
or u ÷ 4
5 parts per 100 parts
The square of y y2
The cube of k k3
t raised to the fourth power t4
Is equal to, the same as, is, are,
the result of, will be, are, yields =
x is equal to y x = y
p is the same as q p = q
Multiplication by
Two, two times, twice, twice as
much as, double 2
Twice z 2z
y doubled 2y
Multiplication by
Half of, one-half of, half as
much as, one-half times
Half of u
one-half times m
Geometry Problems
Concept Word Expression Algebraic Expression
Area of a square Side Squared A = s2
Perimeter of a square Four times the side P = 4s
Area of a rectangle Length times width A = L x W
Perimeter of a rectangle Two lengths plus two widths P = 2L + 2W
Angles of a Triangle The sum of the angles is 180o ∠A + ∠B + ∠C = 180
Word Problem Relationships
Consecutive Integer
Three consecutive integers x, x + 1, x+ 2
Three consecutive odd (even)
integers x, x + 2, x + 4
Motion Rate times Time equals Distance R x T = D
Price times Quantity equals
Total Value P x Q = T
% Mixture % Strength times Quantity equals Total Amount P x Q = T
Digits A two digit number 10t + u


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