Math Class Develops Logical Reasoning And Methodical Comprehension Eng 111 Assignment

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ENG 111
Math Class Develops Logical Reasoning and Methodical Comprehension
When I talk to someone who, usually, does not share my passion for mathematics, I see how his or her face changes instantly. I always ask myself why they think math class is so hard to learn, and they cannot understand why they study mathematics because they cannot apply mathematics in real life. I always perceive that those people do not understand the basics of mathematics. Mathematics contributes so much that it allows a simple citizen not only to count and to measure but to enable informed decisions, and it allows nations to provide knowledge to compete in a technological community (NAP). Mathematics could become one of the best subjects for most everyone if the program helps students to reason not just to learn how to compute what could develop their method.
Among all classes that I learn, mathematics is one of the best classes, because it helps me develop my reasoning. I remember in high school that many classmates wanted my help because they could not understand problems. Face that situation; I finally concluded that their difficulty in solving problems did not come from the application of formulas but from the understanding of concepts first by applying logical reasoning. At the beginning, I had also difficulties accepting mathematics, but I started to be creative in high school in my approach to solve the problems according to logical reasoning. By understanding the fundamentals of logical mathematics, I developed a sense of reason to diagnosis a problem and figure out answers in my real life. With a strong basis of reasoning, students who need to develop reasoned arguments may have a key analytical key to succeed.
Not only does mathematics allow students to develop their logical skills, it also develops a methodology to tackle an issue. By remembering at school how the techniques that the teachers apply to solve a problem on black board can reveal not to fit in the others exercises because each problem has different approach. In his research, Associate teacher John Star, an educational psychologist and former math teacher demonstrates it is better to allow students to explore and contrast many ways different to solve problems (Tamer). According to several researchers, the benefits of comparing a variety of problem-solving approaches for learning math allows students to know what works in mathematics, but also about how and why things work (Tamer). In class, if a teacher’s approach is too strict to insist that there is only one best way to solve a problem, it will not allow students to enjoy their comprehension or to improve their method. By understanding the mathematical language and the basics of four operations, students are able to understand the similarities and differences between the approaches and the methods to solve a problem. Comment by Ed Cuoco: Nicely written.
In spite of all methods that one might think to help students in their understanding of other topics outside mathematics by applying mathematical logic, some firmly believe mathematics is hard to learn. In an article “10 Reasons Why Students Perform Poorly in Mathematics,” Shalom Oparah identifies the students’ attitudes face mathematical topic, a lack of self-esteem, the non-connection between students and subject, the teaching method, the lack of understanding of mathematics languages and some teachers who do not know enough well mathematics to teach among several reasons the students fail always. Even if students want to appreciate or the parents and teachers look for new way to improve their grade, they have to face the reasons for which students perform poorly in mathematics. In addition to the reasons that prevent success, mathematics class also requires a focus that prevents to be distracted by trying to explore multi-step and complex procedures. Mathematics class also requires practicing every day depending on a student’s ability to learn, solving exercises according to the degree of difficulty to understand the differences, and asking questions to teachers or classmates or to attend regularly math spaces for tutoring sessions.
In the end, although some students preconceive the idea that mathematics is difficult to learn, Math class is one of best classes for two main reasons. First, it allows developing comprehension and methodology. However, most importantly, it allows students to develop logical reasoning. Mathematics class could reveal hard certainly for a student who does not like to ask questions or who does not like regularly to read the previous courses or does not even like trying to solve the simple exercises. To those who do not like mathematics, I would like to tell them to be willing to fill the basic gaps in mathematics, to agree to develop their understanding and their reasoning that is able to awaken their critical mind and their method. In the end, do not be afraid and have open mind.
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