Mba 510 Individual – Problem Set Ii

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Chapter 9 Exercise 1212. The American Sugar Producers Association wants to estimate the mean yearly sugar consumption. A sample of 16 people reveals the mean yearly consumption to be 60 pounds with a standard deviation of 20 pounds.A. What is the value of the population mean? What is the best estimate of this value?Answer: The population mean is unknown because the sum of the values is not known. The best estimate is 60 pounds, which is also the sample mean.The population mean is the sum of all the values in the population divided by the number of values in the population.B. Explain why we need to use the t distribution. What assumption do you need to make?Answer: We need to use th ...view middle of the document...

The quality-assurance department found in a sample of 50 customers at the Warren Road MacBurger that the mean waiting time was 2.75 minutes. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that the mean waiting time is less than 3 minutes?A) State the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis.Answer:Hoµ ≥ 3 MinutesH1µ < 3 MinutesB) State the decision rule.Answer: Reject Ho if Z< 1.65C)Answer: Z= X - µ = 1.767 found by: 3.0 - 2.75 = 1.767σ / √n 1 / √50D) Answer: Ho is rejected.E) What is the p-value? Interpret itAnswer: We can conclude that the mean waiting time is less than 3 minutes at the .05 significance level. If H0 is were to be true, there would be no chance in getting a statistic this small.Chapter 12 Exercise 30There are four auto body shops in a community and all claim to promptly serve customers.To check if there is any difference in service, customers are randomly selected from each repair shop and their waiting times in days are recorded. The output from a statistical software package is:SummaryGroupsCountSumAverageVarianceBody Shop A315.45.1333330.323333Body Shop B43281.433333Body Shop C525.25.040.748Body Shop D425.96.4750.595833ANOVASource of VariationSSdfMSFp-valueBetween Groups23.3732137.7910699.6125060.001632Within Groups9.726167120.810514Total33.0993815Question: Is th...


Henry Tam And MGI Team Paper

1643 words - 7 pages Free Case IntroductionWithin a short time frame, seven diverse team members have assembled to write a business plan for a new company (MGI) and are struggling to-Define their roles,-Make decisions together, and-Resolve conflict.Henry Tam, a second-year Harvard MBA student, joins the team along with a fellow classmate to enter the school's business plan contest. The founders of the company are two internationally accomplished musicians and a 1987

Use of Stereotypes and Social Construct in Hamlet - English - Essay

1095 words - 5 pages Free Like John-a-dreams, unpregnant of my cause, And can say nothing—no, not for a king, Upon whose property and most dear life A damned defeat was made. Am I a coward? … My dear father’s been murdered, and I’ve been urged to seek revenge by heaven and hell, and yet all I can do is stand around cursing like a whore in the streets. (II, ii, 510) Hamlet knows what he’s been doing has not been to what he believes a man should do. He’s angry due to

Compare And Contrast Two Theories Of Motivation. Suggest How A Team Leader Might Use These Theories To Motivate The Team

2206 words - 9 pages performance is assessed against it. Rewards, which could be in the form of a bonus or pay rise, are given out accordingly. The main problem with this theory in my opinion is that setting out parameters for performance is quite difficult. In many cases, an individual's performance is dependent on other work colleagues and/or departments, for which the individual would have no direct control. In such circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to

Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts

901 words - 4 pages facilitate the generation of commitment to something larger than one's individual self-interest, to enhance social system stability, and it serves as a sense-making and control mechanism that guides and shapes the attitudes and behavior of employees.DiversityAs with anything there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to diversity. Some of the advantages of diversity are: lower costs and higher employee attitudes or morale, improved

Translation cost approach to networking - LSE - Essay

2836 words - 12 pages . Granovetter, M. (1983). The Strength of Weak Ties: A Network Theory Revisited. Sociological Theory, 1, p.201. Granovetter, M. (1985). Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness. American Journal of Sociology, 91(3), pp.481-510. Green, J. and Sheshinski, E. (1975). Competitive inefficiencies in the presence of constrained transactions. Journal of Economic Theory, 10(3), pp.343-357. Henning, C., Henningsen, G. and Henningsen, A. (2011

Motivation And About Some Related Question Answer

2037 words - 9 pages 1.Q:- What is the difference between Motivation & Job Satisfaction?Ans:-MOTIVATION:-It is the process that concerns the factors, but influences the direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior.Expanding effort for an organization's and satisfying individual needs.The three key elements in Motivation are, Intensity, Direction, and Persistence.Intensity is concern with how hard a person tries. This is the element basically focused on how

This essay is about how anger affects society - English - Essay

5749 words - 23 pages following equation: Owner’s equity (beginning) + Additional issue of capital stock – Dividends + Revenues – Expenses = Owner’s equity (ending) I. Owner's equity at end of year ($745,000 – $325,000) $420,000 Owner's equity at beginning of year ($600,000 – $360,000) 240,000 Increase in owner's equity $180,000 Deduct increase due to net income ($197,750 – $108,000) 89,750 $ 90,250 Add dividends 40,000 Additional issue of capital stock (a) $130,250 II


1855 words - 8 pages Center for Disease Control inthe United States named this new epidemic the acquired immunodeficiency syndromeand defined it by a specific set of symptoms. In 1983, researchers finally identified thevirus that caused AIDS. They named the virus the human immunodeficiency virus, orHIV. AIDS causes the immune system of the infected patient to become much lessefficient until it stops working altogether.The first drug that was approved by the American

leadership style, how to lead during difficult times - ross - essay

486 words - 2 pages Part A: (3 slides max, 14pt min font) Specifically, in this assignment you asked to take each step of the human-centric design process and (i) describe the logic and key elements of each step as discussed in class, (ii) provide a specific example of how tools from each step can be applied to a single actual innovation opportunity in your team/business unit/organization and (c) explain how using this process can be more effective in your line of


419 words - 2 pages fourth system of the Bronfenbrenner's theory is the macrosystem. This level is the most remote and largest set of things and people in a child's world but it can still have a big impact on the child's development. This level embraces the cultural context of an individual and the socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race and others.

Activity analysis exploring occupation - kings - activity

1829 words - 8 pages Free · Pre-prepared ingredients. · Microwave. · Use a cookie mix. · A mixer · Arrange all ingredients and equipment so they are all close at hand for easy access when required. · A perching stool. II. Environment · Individual task carried out in a quiet kitchen. · Kitchen set at room temperature III. Method · Ingredients could be measured ahead of time to make the activity simple. · Cookies can be baked in the microwave. This would eliminate any

Pizza Hut Malaysia E-Marketing

6218 words - 25 pages Free /pizza-hut-coupons). Also they create a community on the Facebook, so every Pizza Hut fan can join it.Part II. Environmental AnalysisSWOT analysis STRENGTH One of the largest restaurant chain in the world Over 20,000 franchises (48%) around the world [ ] Brand leader in the United Kingdom Innovative range of pizzas under one roof Famous television advertising Attracts people of various ranges from young to old. Good financial situation

A look into the development of WW2 and the allies attempts avoid conflict - Year 11 History - History essay, WW2

1150 words - 5 pages “The second world war saw unimaginable slaughter with sporadic efforts to transcend it?” World war II was a war of attrition, destruction, death, and slaughter on all fronts such as, the carpet bombing by the English, the inhumane and wicked acts perpetrated by the Nazi party, culling the Jewish population and the use of nuclear weapons by America to unarm and destroy the Japanese. It is clear to see that this war was wide spread, with millions

The Federalists Vs. The Anti-Federalists

1367 words - 6 pages When deciding whether the Constitution better embodied the American commitment to democracy (republicanism), or whether it produced a greater compromise to it, one must define the nature of a republican government. Both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist set forth their distinctive views on the quality of representational government, but it was James Madison and Alexander Hamilton vision I feel was the most correct. By accepting their view, it

Helping an Individual Develop Self Control - Behavior Analysis - Research Paper

948 words - 4 pages Martin and Pear, “a behavioral model of self-control is a statement that self-control occurs when an individual behaves in some way that arranges the environment to manage his or her subsequent behavior”. In the following paragraphs are five steps in a self-control program that can be implemented for effective results. The first step is to specify the problem and set goals. To begin, start by writing out a goal. Next, make a list of what could