Mc Donald's Marketing Plan Phase Ii Essay

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The future of McDonald'sAmerica's love affair with fast food has hit a rocky patch and there is litigation in the air. Nutritionists warn us about trans-fats and super-sizing our way to obesity. Something is not right in the drive-thru, our transport to a half-century of low-cost, high-calorie, turned-on-a-dime comfort food.As Americans get fatter, and critics look for culprits among peddlers of cheeseburgers and chicken fingers, the nation may be about to engage in a culinary transformation. What is the future of fast food? Will our passion for French-fries fade as we learn to eat smarter? Will the chains reinvent themselves through menus that an increasingly health conscious public ...view middle of the document...

owns, operates and franchises Jack in the Box quick-service hamburger restaurants and Qdoba Mexican Grill (Qdoba) fast-casual restaurants. As of October 1, 2006, the Jack in the Box system included 2,079 restaurants, of which 1,475 were Company operated and 604 were franchise-operated. Jack in the Box restaurants is located primarily in the western and southern United States. As of October 1, 2006, the Qdoba Mexican Grill system included 318 fast-casual restaurants in 40 states, of which 70 were Company operated and 248 were franchise-operated. The Company operates its business in two operating segments, Jack in the Box and Qdoba (Google Finance, 2007, Jack in the Box).The Company's primary source of revenue is from retail sales at Company operated restaurants. The Company also derives revenue from sales of food and packaging to Jack in the Box and Qdoba franchises, retail sales from fuel and convenience stores (Quick Stuff), and other revenue from franchisees, including royalties, franchise fees and leased real estate. The Company also recognizes gains from the sale of Company operated restaurants to franchisees (Google Finance, 2007, Jack in the Box).Wendy's International, Inc. is primarily engaged in the operation, development and franchising of quick-service and fast-casual restaurants. As of January 1, 2006, the Company and its franchisees operated 6,746 restaurants under the name Wendy's in 50 states in the United States, and in 18 other countries and territories. Of these restaurants, 1,502 were operated by the Company and 5,244 by its franchisees. As of January 1, 2006, Wendy's International, Inc. and its franchisees operated 2,885 Tim Hortons (Hortons) restaurants, with 2,597 restaurants in Canada and 288 restaurants in the United States. Of these restaurants, 95 were operated by the Company. At January 1, 2006, the Company and its franchisees operated 299 Baja Fresh restaurants in 21 states. This included 142 Company-operated restaurants and 157 franchise restaurants. As of January 1, 2006, Wendy's International, Inc. also operated 19 Cafe Express restaurants in Texas. Cafe Express had no franchisee-operated restaurants (Google Finance, 2007, Wendy's).Organizational buyers are a significant market segment to consider; because of the fast paced nature of the modern business world, and the fact that many consumers are held within the confines of a "working lunch", there is a viable opportunity to provide healthy quality food. The Trans Fat Menu food of McDonald's will be attractive to a diversity of customers who will now have the option of eating fast food that is a world away from greasy pizza. The factor of Trans Fat menu being available quickly and conveniently will influence their decision to order McDonald's as opposed to say Domino's Pizza.The average consumer also represents and excellent area of opportunity within the common fast food business; the fast pace of leisure time also creates a need for ready to eat food to...


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1803 words - 8 pages detail. The international marketing strategy is outlined with respect to the product, promotional strategy, pricing strategy, and distribution. A marketing budget is designed to incorporate promotions for the air conditioners and deals with all the support needed to implement air conditioners in the market. Implementation and control of the marketing plan is looked at with focus on the timeline and milestones, the monitoring process, and the

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2319 words - 10 pages focuses on the full product rollout phase. With a plan to market this service into lower-end McDonald's stores after a short trial, this unified pricing scheme gives McDonald's a product viable in competition with Starbuck/T-Mobile at the high end and truck stops, travel plazas, and small businesses on the other end. The pricing strategy is largely an extension of the Trends portion of the SWOTT analysis. Given a downward trend in prices, the growth

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1249 words - 5 pages United States, Inc. (ICCUSA) was a wise decision and many promising network leads were made. Having access and belonging to an organization that can provide assistance and firsthand knowledge is invaluable in determining which marketing campaign to launch.Ireland has a diverse culture with many components that need to be addressed while building an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan. A successful IMC plan has six critical elements

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4067 words - 17 pages Free be submitted and approved by the FDA (Ballington 67). Only after INDA approval can investigational studies begin (Ballington 67). This research includes data about synthesis of active ingredients and fillers, as well as animal testing and a review from an institutional review board (Ballington 67). The first phase of investigational studies is composed of trials on a small number of healthy volunteers to learn about any side effects that come

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7348 words - 30 pages Power-Maxx Marketing Plan PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 The Power-Maxx Marketing PlanRobi James, Tonya Standerfer, Michael Vaccaro, Jolene WilliamsUniversity Of PhoenixThe Power-Maxx Marketing PlanExecutive SummaryPower-Mass is a company with the corporate office located in Boise, Idaho, a manufacturing facility in the Golf Region, and five distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States. Power-Mass specializes in the

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3420 words - 14 pages / McDonald’s Corporation. 2015. McDonald's Announces Initial Steps In Turnaround Plan Including Worldwide Business Restructuring And Financial Updates. Cision PR Newswire. Building and Construction Authority (BCA). 2011. McDonald’s Green Initiatives.

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7705 words - 31 pages vaccine pipeline evolution for projects in the clinic since 2001. It shows increased levels of productivity particularly in Phase II. This is expected to lead to an increase in Phase III and registrations in the coming years. Phase I NCEs with multiple indications are only counted once. NCEs in later phases are counted by each indication.Product development pipelineThe product development pipeline, set out on the following three pages shows

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3551 words - 15 pages the Year 2008, National Bank of Slovakia, December 2004         National Bank of Slovakia         National Euro Changeover Plan for the SR, National Bank of Slovakia, June 2005         National Statistics Office Library & Information Unit. Malta.         Slovak Koruna Included in the ERM II, Press Release, National Bank of Slovakia         The euro in an enlarged

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1854 words - 8 pages dramatic decision to reduce IT staff that resulted in compromising IT knowledge within the organization, this argues the overall system’s decision-making process on how ambiguous it can be to understand its core issue and working towards with an effective plan. Such mishap by the company delayed the prioritization process of project building. Also, Business scope and lack of IT support reduced marketing strength of the company. Proposals were made to

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2501 words - 11 pages support. Fig.2 – Product levels Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s) Price - Discounted pricing and a lower margin approach will see the launch of JB Hi-Fi Gaming’s strategic business plan. To effectively penetrate and adapt to international markets, commencing with North America, JB Hi-Fi Gaming will see the establishment of a comprehensive supply chain model to ensure its pricing mechanism falls in line with its vision of providing competitively priced

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2427 words - 10 pages Objectives II. Description of Business......................................................................................... 4 Product Description Proposed Target Market III. Action Plan ......................................................................................................... 5-7 Statement of Purpose Limitations Proposed Methodology Schedule Personnel Involved Resource Involved IV. Marketing Plan

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606 words - 3 pages The area where a store is located starts with an action plan; this is the research and gathering of information about the area. Knowing your customers' needs and wants will make finding the correct area and location easy to do, but first you must identify what those needs/wants are. Getting a third party vendor maybe useful, first you can locate one, contact them and then step up a regular standing order with them. Marketing and the dales

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2009 words - 9 pages Free Recommendations for implementation action plan and possible timeline 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 2 | P a g e I. Summary of the current situation and quality management system of VWG In 1947, VWG had been founded in Blackpool. This company began to manufacture hand crafted automotive parts. In the early 90s, small sports cars became popular, they decided to make an innovation. It means that they would modify, assemble in order to enhance the quality of cars

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2037 words - 9 pages Free subordinates, who will feel unnecessary; and 2) your superiors, who may rethink your readiness for managerial responsibility. Think about this as you reflect on your PLDP entries and complete your Action Plan. REQUIREMENTS: · The Action Plan consists of six parts that will be graded according to the Rubric available in Blackboard under Phase III: CAPSTONE. · While completing the plan, where appropriate, make sure to use all applicable elements of

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1860 words - 8 pages communication plan. Anytime managers put into practice strategic objectives, measures, and targets including marketing and information technology a communication plan are important to set and alert the businesses target audience. Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) has developed a communication plan, ways to monitor and control strategies and tactics to help Little Fun Size Candy Shop (LFSCS) separate from any competitors when compared to local candy stores