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Me, Me, Me
Numerous factors in my twenty four years of life have shaped the person I am and the traits I hold today. My name is Jordane Duncan; at first glance you may notice my blonde hair, fake tan, acrylic nails and false eye lashes but there is so much more to me than meets the eye. A stereotypical ‘girly girl’; with added personality, uniqueness and a high level of motivation that I try to channel into constantly bettering myself.
School was not very educationally beneficial for me personally, I was very immature when taking my exams and I had no future prospects to work towards. Leaving school, I had enough qualifications to gain entry into the City of Glasgow College where I studied sport therapy for 2 years. I initially enjoyed the course and college life however the novelty quickly wore off and after completion of the course, with no desire to do more in this field, it seemed my days of education had come to cessation. From a young age I started working; I almost always had a part time job alongside school and college but making the jump from part time bar work to a full time admin post was daunting. My first full time position was at Ayr Hospital as a clerical officer- an administration job that turned out to be life changing. Having a job within the NHS meant I could apply for other positions within the industry which I took full advantage of; and working through other positions has offered me life experience and vital job knowledge that allowed me to progress onto the job I have today; working within the research and development department of the hospital as a R&D support officer.
Although grateful for the position I currently hold, I do not see it as a career. Within the past, I have really struggled to confidently identify a career I would feel satisfied in and feel this has held me back tremendously. Since leaving education I have never felt comfortable in a job, I have always strived for more and this was manifesting day by day. It was my responsibility to decide what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go- and it was one day I was driving in the car and the radio was advertising for teaching positions, the thought stuck in my head and after speaking with my dad about potential study he gave me the idea of the open university online studying route. 18 months ago I started on this course an am on course to passing at the end of this academic year. I also attend the local primary school every Wednesday morning on a voluntary basis to gain experience in primary teaching and regularly assist with the primary one class and this has helped confirm for me that I am on the correct career path.
It’s never really something you think of; how close you actually are to your family. Yet the words ‘I wish I was as close to my family as you are’ constantly echo’s through my life reminding me how fortunate I am to be in such a position. To me, family is extremely important; the relationship I have with my close family is incredible and ...


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