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"Concequentailists will lie to save a persons life. But then they are treating those to whom they lie as a mere means to the end of saving others. So their actions cannot be justified" "Concequentailists will lie to save a persons life. But then they are treating those to whom they lie as a mere means to the end of saving others. So their actions cannot be justified" This statement evidently states a contradiction in ethics. A consequentaialist duty is to bring about the best overall state of affairs judged from an impartial perspective. From an impartial perspective, what reason these people are being hunted down is considered to be irrelevant. Yet to bring the best happiness, this reason becomes very relevant. From a Kantian perspective, the "˜situation' in which this person has got himself into is a rational basis to decide on ones life, such ...view middle of the document...

Yet is it valid for this individual to use you as a mean to an end of the person you are hiding? Is it their duty to make ones end your judgment? This may turn into a redundant circle of who it treating who as means and as an end. It is conclusive to say that using someone as a mere means to save another's life brings about a greater happiness than to be used as an end to the ones life in which you are protecting. Accordingly if one is to lie to another in order to save one from death it is valid to use another as a mere means to saving another's end.Any rational being exists as an end in himself, not merely as a means to be arbitrarily used by this or that will, but in all his reactions, weather they concern himself or other rational beings, must be always regarded at the same time as an end. I wish to agree that depending on the circumstances that person you are lying for, is being looked for, should influence you decision to give them up or not. In the case of a murder, one should give them up as a greater decision for that society. You have to ask yourself if you feel safe in a community who shelters criminals from justice? Contrary to when the Jews were being discriminated for their religion and eye color; this is an acceptable reason to lie in order to save a life. Why, because in this case you are lying to save an innocent life. It can be argued, it is not your decision to decide who is innocent and who is guilty. Yet as Kant supports, in obvious circumstances it is suitable to make a judgmental decision. Rationalizing it is justified to lie for and innocent person.Lying to someone to preserve another's life is justified by a consequentialist, yet using someone, as a means to the end of saving others is not. In regards to deontology it is more just to use someone as a means than opposed to an end. Therefor from an ethical point of view it is safe to say that; it is just to lie to someone to save an innocent person even-though you are using another person as a mere means because a means is more "˜just' that an end.


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484 words - 2 pages Burgeron. He was too smart for the mental handicap and to strong for the physical. He tried to rebel against society but was executed for his feeble attempt. He was arrested for thinking outside of the ox but was killed for defying the ruler. He was trying to die as he saw it as his only way out of his miserable existence. To conclude, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. portrayed a society where thinking was outlawed. The only way a person could survive was to conform. This society strove for equality but only achieved a society of zombies. This society thought that the end justifies the means, but the end saw the desrurction of individualism and the means was conformity.

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503 words - 3 pages most likely give us an advantage over our peers. Daily, we young people are tempted to compromise our morality in order to make competitive progress. Our challenge no longer lies in identifying what to do but rather what not to do. In the natural, how are we supposed to identify right from wrong when our egocentric society dictates that, "The end justifies the means"? As competition continues to gain strength over morality, it seems that it is

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1692 words - 7 pages never morally right to tell a lie as it violates the maxims in the 4 stages he presents. Kant’s second formulation is the formula of humanity in which he states, “Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end but always at the same time as an end”- (Kant GMM). To understand this formulation what it means to treat a person as a means to an end or as an end must be