Measurements And A Lot Of Chicken - Chemistry - Homework

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Teacher Directions
Demonstrate various measuring techniques, using the MEASURING TECHNIQUES worksheet as a guide. You may finish the demonstration by making the fruit freeze recipe, placing particular emphasis on the measuring techniques incorporated.
(similar to Orange Julius)
1 c. water
¼ c. sugar
¼ c. powdered milk
¼ c. frozen juice concentrate
2 c. ice cubes
paper cups
Rubber spatula
Large spoon
Measuring spoons
Liquid measuring cup
Dry measuring cups
Put water and sugar in the blender. Add powdered milk, fruit juice, and four of the ice cubes. Mix on medium speed until mixture is well blended. (Some blenders need to be running before the ice cubes are added). Add the remaining ice cubes and blend mixture until it is very smooth and all the ice cubes have been chopped up. Pour into cups and serve.
Option: you may substitute bananas for frozen juice concentrate.
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Directions: Answer as many of the following questions as possible during the demonstration on measuring.
1. For the purpose of measuring, ingredients can be divided into two categories:
2. List three dry ingredients:
3. What type of equipment should be used to measure dry ingredients more than ¼ cup in volume? ___________________________________________________________________
4. What type of equipment should you use to measure dry ingredients less than ¼ cup in volume? ___________________________________________________________________
5. A standard set of measuring cups includes: (circle the correct answers)
1/8 c.
1/4 c.
1/3 c.
1/2 c.
2/3 c.
3/4 c.
1 c.
6. A standard set of measuring spoons includes (circle the correct answers)
1/8 t.
1/4 t.
1/3 t.
1/2 t.
2/3 t.
3/4 t.
1 t.
1/2 T.
1/3 T.
1 T.
7. Dry ingredients are measured in “graduated” measuring cups. What does the word “graduated” mean? ___________________________________________________________
8. Circle the items needed to measure dry ingredients.
a. Metal spatula
b. Dry measuring cups
c. Mixing bowl
d. Large spoon
9. What dry ingredient should be sifted before you measure it? __________________________
10. Which dry measuring cups would you need to measure 3/4 c. sugar?
11. List four foods which should be measured in a dry measuring cup and pressed gently to level off.
12. What ingredient should be firmly packed into the cup when measuring? ________________________________________________________________________
13. List the steps for measuring flour and the equipment needed:
a. _____________________________
b. _____________________________
c. _____________________________
d. _____________________________
14. List the steps for measuring a dry ingredient, like sugar, and the equipment us...

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