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Medea; Questions And Answers That Can Create A Better Understanding Of The Character Medea And How The Sympathy Of The Audience Shifts Thoughout The Play

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The Opening Scene1. Find quotes form this opening section to show that Medea isVengeful"Death take you, with your father, and perish his whole house!" (Medea, pg20)"Oh, may I see Jason and his bride ground to pieces in their shattered palace" (Medea, pg22)Proud"A queen of is used to giving commands, not obeying them;" (Nurse, pg21)"Do you see how I am used- in spite of these great oaths I bound him with-" (Medea, pg22)Devastated by Jason's betrayal"She will not eat; she lies collapsed in agony, dissolving the long hours I tears" (Nurse, pg18)"Come, flame of the sky, pierce through my head! What do I gain from living any longer?" (Medea, pg21)Calculating"I am afraid some dreadful purpose is ...view middle of the document...

"Poor Medea!" (Nurse, pg18). The Nurse feels that Jason has betrayed her mistress, and Medea suffers greatly because of this. "All the same, he is guilty: he has betrayed those near and dear to him." (Nurse, pg19). Although she knows that Medea is a powerful woman, and seems to be worried about what Medea may do, the Nurse's sympathy stays with Medea throughout the opening scene,Although the Tutor does not understand why Medea is so upset, her sympathy is also with Medea (the Tutor being presumably female). "Poor woman! Has she not stopped crying yet?" (Tutor, pg19). The Tutor has obviously seen many men leave their wives, and take new ones, or at least betray their wives; "What man's not guilty? It's taken you a long time to learn that everybody loves himself more than his neighbour. These boys are nothing to their father: he's in love." (Tutor, pg19-20). Nevertheless, the Tutor feels sympathy with Medea.The Chorus, though stating that their loyalty lies with Jason's house (pg21), feels sympathy with Medea when they find out what has happened. "Go, nurse, persuade her to come out to us. Tell her we are all on her side." (Chorus, pg23). At the same time, the Chorus knows, or perhaps can sense, that Medea will do something drastic in her impaired and angry state. "Hurry, before she does harm- to those in there; this passion of hers is an irresistible flood." (Chorus, pg23). The Chorus do have sympathy with Medea and her situation, yet at the same time know that there may be trouble because of her temper, and are apprehensive of Medea.3. Fill out the Sympathy Shifts sheet.Where does the audience's sympathy lie?The audience's sympathy lies with Medea, as she has been discarded by husband, who has taken another wife, and may even be banished from the city, along with her two sons. Audience's, especially of our time, find this despicable, even more so because Jason, Medea's husband, is willing to let not only his first wife, but his own two sons, to be exiled and banished form the city, which can mean death. The audience feels sorry for Medea, particularly after it is found that Medea is miserable and distraught. The audience does not really listen to the Chorus' warning.Where does the Chorus' sympathy lie?The Chorus' sympathy also lies with Medea, although they stating that their loyalty lies with Jason's house (pg21). "Go, nurse, persuade her to come out to us. Tell her we are all on her side." (Chorus, pg23). At the same time, the Chorus knows, or perhaps can sense, that Medea will do something drastic in her impaired and angry state. "Hurry, before she does harm- to those in there; this passion of hers is an irresistible flood." (Chorus, pg23). The Chorus do have sympathy with Medea and her situation, yet at the same time know that there may be trouble because of her temper. They are apprehensive of Medea because of this, and are worried that she may do something devastating in order to cause harm to Jason, his new bride, and even Medea's own two...

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