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Wagner 3
Holden Wagner
Prof. Rudnik
ENGL. Comp. 101
2 Jan. 2019
“We Accept” Media Analysis
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can.” (A testament of Hope, King Jr.). This quote represents the problem that America faces today, but the problem never gets fixed. As a society we more times than not separate ourselves because of our differences, race, sexuality and religion. This hate not only affects the groups that are being targeted, it also affects the people around them. Hate not only affects the person being targeted it often all so hurts the people closest people of who is being targeted. There is still hope though for society, we can try to limit the hate that is being spread throughout our great nation. This is the message that Airbnb was trying to get across with their string of commercials titled “We Accept”. These commercials came about after the action of our current President Donald Trump to ban immigration from countries of the Middle East. America as a whole needs to limit the amount of hate that we spread in our country, we can do this by limiting the amount of discrimination because of differences.
“We believe, no matter where you are from.” (We Accept, 6). A quote from the commercial describes my first point of discriminating because of race. This hate that has been passed down from generation to generation throughout history, some of the earliest and most obvious is that of Slavery. Over twelve million Africans were taken from their homes and forced into harsh labor, because people thought that they were better than them because of their skin color. Even after this extreme punishment they did not receive their basic rights until the 1920’s. All of this punishment was caused by one thing that they had no choice in, the color of their skin. They were and still are facing punishment because they are different and sadly they aren’t the only group.
“No matter who you love.”, (We Accept, 8), The campaign all so highlights the fight for gay rights and acceptance. An example of this is a minor group who is known by few, whose struggles need to brought to light are those of the Gay Rights Movement. It all started in San Francisco in the late 1960’s, people were rejected from restaurants and many other different establishments. Then they were taken off the street and brutally beaten by police just because they had feelings for the same sex and the worst part is that gays were almost forced to come out against their will or they were going to be exposed and fired from their jobs. Thanks to a gay rights activist Harvey Milk, that did not happen, but they were almost forced to tell their deepest secret because others could not respect their sexual orientation.
“Or who you worship.” (We Accept, 12). Our final look into history is that violent act of terrorism because of religion, every American knows what is about to come and that is the terrible day of September 11th. The basis...


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