Media Roles And How They Are Depicted In Todays Society And Tv Shows Sociology Essay

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Claritza I. Garica
Professor Shelby
SOC – 101 - 01
February 13th, 2018
Media Roles Research
For the assignment of media roles, I have chosen to do it on a show called “Grown-ish”. Grown-ish is about a young adult named Zoey leaving her home and beginning her journey as a college freshman. Zoey soon finds out that going away to college is full of distractions like boys, drugs, parties, etc. and that life isn’t as easy as being at home with mommy and daddy. However, Zoey manages to find her in – group in one of her classes, thus, establishing a solid friend group to lean on and experience college with. Zoey’s friend group/cast is very diverse, but the main people represented on this show are African – Americans. Although African American people are more frequently represented, I don’t feel any other group is under represented. The reason why I don’t feel any other group is under represented is because there is clear representation of most ethnicities/ skin color, it’s simply, that unlike most television shows, the main character is African American. Overall, this show is very relatable and engaging for the millennial generation, it goes without excluding or shedding a negative light upon any group. The African – American people on this show along with all of the other groups are treated equally and treat everyone around them the same. As far as typecasts, there is one particular situation where this character named: Cash Mooney plays the role of an African – American whom only went to college because a full - ride basketball scholarship. He’s also not smart and makes arrangements for smart people to take tests for him, etc.
As mentioned before, Grown – ish is tremendously diverse, nevertheless, I feel like there should be an Asian in the mix. I’m not sure why an Asian isn’t casted but a possible reason could be that maybe there aren’t many good Asians in the industry, or it’s a trend not to cast them. There are many movies that propose they are of As...


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