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Media, Short Essay But Good

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Certain Democratic principles help shape the American media system. Because of this, there is concern of the relationship of the mass media to government. As a result of the concerns, there are Democratic Expectations of Media Performances. These include surveillance of the sociopolitical environment, meaningful agenda-setting, platforms for advocacy by politicians and spokespersons of other causes and interest groups, dialogue across a diverse range of views, mechanism for holding officials accountable, incentives for citizens to learn, choose, and become involved in the political process. Also included is a principled resistance to efforts that try to subvert the interdependence, ...view middle of the document...

It is formed through implicit evaluation among other individuals.The media creates a framework for racial ideology in that it reflects upon the interests of the group providing social representation. All the representations are similar in content and structure. The structures of cognitive schemas are similar to those in the social representations and are consistent with other knowledge and beliefs. The authors of the representation are thought to be credible and reliable.In order to be susceptible to the media, as individuals, we have to have an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It helps to guide us in making decisions about activities and relationships. (Class notes)#1 Long EssayRacism is the evaluation of differences of an individual that justifies economic, political, cultural, or psychological advantages or the abuse of power. Unfortunately, it is a system that arose through historical processes and has been created and recreated from the past to the present and is built on the artificial foundations of race. "Racism is based on the concept of whiteness- a powerful fiction enforced by power and violence. Whiteness is a constantly shifting boundary separating those who are entitled to have certain privileges from those whose exploitation and vulnerability to violence is justified by their not being white" Racism is brought upon through racial discrimination. (Class Notes)Although Racism may seem to fit in the same category as bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice, there are some differences. Racism is different from bigotry in the sense that bigotry glorifies one's group and degrades the members of another. Discrimination, the negative treatment of other groups that offers an advantage to one's group, is yet another act of discrimination, as is prejudice. Being prejudice means having an attitude towards other groups that are not exclusively in a particular group. Bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice might very well all fit into the same category of racism, but they are different from racism in the fact that these are the ways that people exercise racism. Racism is the stigmatizing of differences that in turn create people to act upon bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice. (Holtzmann 25)As a result of power of ones group over another, different types of racism have uprooted. Individual white people will treat the people of color in a harsh, hateful and sometimes violent way. This type of racism is individual racism. The encouragement and impact are from one person to another. Historical moments as the annexation of Texas or the Indian Removal Policy, take part in what is categorized as institutional racism, in which both private and public entities have built race discrimination under their skin. Due to the misinformation that one group is more superior to the other; hatred and name-calling are being acted upon and are out in the open. These instances are examples of overt racism. As a result of segregating public and...

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