Medical And Dental Considerations When Dental Hygienists Are Treating Hemophiliac Clients

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Medical and Dental Considerations When Dental Hygienists are Treating Hemophiliac Clients Medical and Dental Considerations When Dental Hygienists are Treating Hemophiliac Clients There are oral health issues that can arise when dental hygienists treat clients with hemophilia. People with hemophilia are missing some important proteins that help the blood to clot (Carson-DeWitt 1). Dental hygienists can provide hemophiliac clients better care by: teaching them proper oral care, consulting with their doctors before treatment, and advising them to have a scaling and check-up every 6 months.Dental hygienists can help hemophiliacs maintain their teeth by teaching them proper brushing and floss ...view middle of the document...

Daily brushing and flossing will toughen gums and prevent gum disease, which will decrease bleeding. These preventative measures will decrease the need for dental surgery resulting from decay. Dental health affects overall health, making it even more important for people with hemophilia to have good dental habits.Dental hygienists need to be aware that hemophiliacs may have complications with healing or infections after dental scaling. Their medical doctor should be consulted before treatment. (Darby and Walsh 273) Hemophiliacs may need clotting factor replacement therapy to increase the amount of clotting factor in the blood before treatment (Carson-DeWitt 3).Hemophiliac clients should be advised the importance of regular visits every 6 months to for a dental scaling and check-up. Regular check-ups allow the dentist to diagnose disease and treat problems. This allows the patient to deal with small problems rather than large ones that like root canal therapy, extractions, or surgery. These procedures may produce complications like prolonged bleeding or internal bleeding, which create bruises (Carson-DeWitt 2).With hemophiliac patients, there are certain things hygienists should be aware of like: the patient's personal oral care habits, the concerns their family doctor may have before treatment, and the importance of recall visits for dental maintenance.Bibliography Carson-DeWitt, Rosalyn S. "Hemophilia." Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. 01 January 1995. Darby, Michele L., and Margaret M. Walsh. Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company, 1995.


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450 words - 2 pages addition, for the understanding of many specific inter dental products used for clients to maintain proper oral hygiene, it is necessary to know what products are a perfect fit for your patients needs as seen in today’s class. “The dental hygiene process of care includes the assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of dental hygiene care…” (Norman, Franklin and Christine, 2014, p. 23) Reference: Norman, O. H., Franklin, G. G., & Christine, N. N. (2014). Primary Preventive Dentistry. Boston: Pearson

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4760 words - 20 pages . degree. The D.M.D. and the D.D.S. are equivalent degrees that are awarded to dental students upon completion of the same types of programs. In fact, oral health is an essential component of general health. Medical research has revealed links between common oral infections and serious general health conditions including cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is incredibly important to keep your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues healthy

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