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Medieval music refers to European music written during the Middle Ages. This era begins with the fall of the Roman Empire (476 AD) and ends in the middle of the fifteenth century. Music was important in the Medieval time period because it was a major source of entertainment. There were no televisions or radios so people made up fairy tales and made music. Many instruments were created and used in making music. Classical music that was woodwindy and high-pitched was the music of choice in the Middle Ages. Music expanded from there and turned into many mixtures of music. The music could not have been played unless there was an instrument to play it on.Besides percussion, the medieval period can be known as creating and using a wide variety of other types of instruments. String instruments such as the lute and viol were used. Other string instruments include the harp, harpsichord.In the Middle Ages, instruments and compositions were different form anything else of its time. Music is much more fun to listen to and learn in your own way. Most of these instruments were used to create a form of music called classical music. Two other instruments used in Medieval times were the organ and the organetto, which is similar to a very portable organ. Some wind instruments used were the bagpipe, bladder pipe, cornmuse, crumhorn, dulcian, gamba, gemshorn, hirtenschalmei, kortholt, lizard, mute cornett, rackett, rauschpfeife, recorder, sacbut(trombone like), schalmei,serpent, shawm, shafor, and zinc. Some of these instruments maybe unfamiliar to most people but many of these instruments are very similar to each other in certain ways. Most of the music was easy going and smooth to listen to. However, sometimes music was more upbeat an silly. Every form of music has in some way is related to classical music in the Middle Ages. All comes from classical music mixed with some African, Asian, mostly everything. Sometimes an organ could also effect a song largely. The easygoing music consisted mostly of woodwind and strings.The only music which can still be studied is the one that was written down. At the start of the era, the notated music was monophonic which was a harmonic sung text and no notated instrumental support. Earlier medieval notation had no way to specify rhythm, later in the time period notations gave clear phrasing ideas, and indicated rhythmic modes. Some of the composers during this era were: Pope Gregory I, St. Godric, Hildegard of Bingen, Hucbald, Notker Balbulus, Odo of Arezzo, Odo of Cluny, and Tutilo.Biography: 1)Medieval Music, Marrocco, W. Thomas (William Thomas)London : Oxford University Press, Music Dept., 1977.2)


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