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Far East Company Meeting Agenda
Date: 07/06/19
Time: 4:30pm-4:15 pm
Venue: Room 4 Level 3 545 Kent St, Haymarket NSW 2000
Attendees: Leader: Krunal Thakor,
Secretary: Adheep Shrestha
Chairman:Sarabpreet Singh
Chairman: Kushal Pokhrel
Chairman:Happy Singh
Manager:Mohammed Ahmed
Manager: Aman Patel
Schedule-: Welcoming -2 mins
Meeting minutes confirmation from last meeting -3 mins
Discussion of ideas to improve teamwork-3 mins
Strategies which need to be implemented -3 mins
Closing of minutes-3 mins
Objectives: Identify methods in which we can improve teamwork in our company to improve our work culture and using teamwork as a building block for our company’s success.
1 -Introduction, engage (welcome) everyone with the current problem we are having in the company such as Work conflict and lack of engagement at the company
2- Agenda Item 1 What improvements can we make as a company to sort out the above-mentioned issue?
3-Agenda Item 2 Listening to your leaders and going to your superior with any problems you face within the team
4-Engage the team in brainstorming session on improving teamwork in our company
5 -Agenda Item 3 Introducing new methods such as Social Media to improve teamwork culture
6-Facilitator Farewell. Team Thank you and closing the meeting making sure with all attendees that the objective progress is met by the next meeting.
4:30- 5:00PM
level 3 545 Kent St, Haymarket
Far East Company Meeting Minutes
Meeting called by:
Krunal thakor
Type of meeting:
Team Building Meeting
Krunal thakor
Sarabpreet Singh
Adhip Shrestha
Leader: Krunal Thakor
Secretary: Adhip Shrestha
Chairman: Sarabpreet Singh, Kushal Pokhrel, Happy Singh
Manager: Aman Patel

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