Meeting The Manager, And How To Approach Them Mars Hill University Essay

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Aundreas Hill
2 February 2018
Coach Lee
Meet The Manager
As a business major, I wanted to get a feel of a being a manager, and as a student I can’t get the full experience so I had to get as close as I can, so I interviewed a person that has experience as a manger. That person's name is Bill Hamilton. He is my advisor and teacher, but before that he was the manager of The Forum Spa and Racquet Club. He became the manager because he was working in his hometown in Asheville recreation department and he had applied for the racquet club. The Racquet club is a great way to bring families together and the facility is designed to provide you with the best tennis, fitness, golf, soccer and swim in our area. All the activities are customized with your goals in mind. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are there to answer your questions and personalize your workout. Clubs are the perfect place to relax, meet new friends, visit with old friends and get into the best shape of your life. Knowing all of this information Mr. Hamilton wanted to be a part of this.
From working in the recreation department to managing a company is a big step, because now you are in control of things. His skill was managing operation so his role within the company was to market the club, manage the budget, and hire and manage personnel. His skill of managing operation helped him a lot because he has an idea of who the right person is for the job. He helped the company that way because at the time they were struggling to increase membership, and having trouble paying the bills on time. So they hired Mr. Hamilton to Pick this organization up by hiring good personnel and market their club to where they could increase their business.
The first step to that was increasing the members that attended the club. With all that being said I guess you could say it was quite critical for him to have success, because there was no room for mistakes. One of the questions I asked was, about the types of customers he had brought in and he explain that he brought all types of customers, but mostly males between 20-50 years of age. He also drew a large crowd of women ages 25-40+ who came for morning aerobics sessions. That's a good way to start a company that was struggling to increase membership but, now he needs to try to fit a younger group too. The younger groups between ages 10-20 is an important group because it would increase your family memberships. With the family memberships comes more people and more money for the company.
To help this company continue to grow to have to have good customer service as I said earlier, so I ask Mr. Hamilton how do you define and measure good customer service? He explained that at first he wasn’t equipped and was under educated, so he didn’t focus on good service. He then said “However, looking back, and knowing what I know now, I believe I would define customer service as providing, to the best of my ability, what my customer desire, in a friendly ...


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