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Memo To Ebusiness Chief Marketing Officer

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To: John Doe; Chief Marketing OfficerFrom: Jane Doe; e-Business Marketing ConsultantDate: June 29, 2007Re: Targeting "niche" marketing and website redesign.Three years ago has spent hundreds of dollars in launching our site, purchasing site submission parcels, classified ads and bulk e-mail addresses; yet we are lacking to attract some traffic to our site. At present, we are marketing to consumers that have diverse needs and are not interested in the type of products we are offering. The problem could possibly be that we may not be selling our product to our true consumer or may be we are not marketing the correct type of product to our consumers. Therefore, we need to ...view middle of the document...

•Identify and fill the unmet needs of the customers.Once we have identified the needs of our customers, we can use that information to set us apart from other businesses by incorporating and filling in those needs thus we can be viewed as an expert in these products. By redesigning our website we can set ourselves apart from our competitors. Thus, the need to recreate our site has become a necessity.•Collecting our customers and contact information.Since the online market has become very competitive the only way to stay on top is by satisfying our customers and fulfill our visitors by answering their concerns via email or 1800 phone number is sure to grab their attention. By collecting their information we can further assist them or email them any special offers so that they can spread news of our web site via word of mouth to their friends and family.Redesigning our websiteIn addition to an excellent shopping cart system and checkout procedure, we need to include elements like these:•Buying guides•FAQs (frequently asked questions)•Interactive Tutorials•Honest reviews of each manufacturer's product line contrasted with other manufacturers' offerings•Easy comparisons within a manufacturer's product line•Live chat that allows shoppers to ask questions from a knowledgeable person 8 to 10 hours per...

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