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Memoirs Of Kesley And Aye Essay

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Memoirs of Kesley D and AyeBy: Mega Sagita/160126181504PBGWho doesn't love animals? And who doesn't like a pets? Most people choose dogs and cats as pets. Some people choose a dog as a pet for keep their house. Some people choose cats, because cats are very adorable. Both of them are animals that can be human's best friend. I have two memoirs about the moments with their pets. The authors have different pets. In addition, they describe the similarities and differences moments of each pet.Firstly, one of the obvious similarities between these two authors are they both are have the unforgettable moment. As (Kesley D, 2002) states,"Rusty showed strength when we all didn't have it, he showed love when needed most. He was 17 years old, to me he showed not to give up and strength is not in health, its in hope, and believing"The author declares how ...view middle of the document...

As (Kelsey D, 2002) states,"He was always playful even if we left on vacation and came back two weeks later. He would always knock me over when I walked in from vacation. The strength this dog had was amazing."The author declares that how much love his dog with him, how faithful the dog waiting for him back from vacation. As (Aye, 2002) states, "Even though he was lazy and did little exercise, he was skinny. He always lies next to me when I was lying on my bed, and I love that." The author declares even though his cat so lazy he still loves his cat. Anything which has done by the cat made him happy.At least, in these situations we can see clearly that they both have a family who can reinforce themselves and care about. As (aye, year) states,"My mom walked back, tears in her eyes, hugged my dad and whispered something in his ear. Barney had died but I did not know at the time, so I asked why mom was crying. 'Don't worry about it, enjoy your day'."The author declares that her parents hiding the news that his cat died from him, because his parents didn't want to destroy his adventure. After his adventure his parents said the truth at him. As (Kelsey D, 2002) states, "That night I couldn't sleep, I could hear my brothers' video game through the white bedroom wall. As I slowly walked into his room he looked at me. He got up and hugged me, 'you have to be strong for him, I know it's hard; I love him as well'."The author declare that her brother cheer him up and encourage him.In conclusion, even though the authors just lost their pet, it's enough made they realized that lost something they love is very painful. The authors explained how wonderful their moment with their pet, and in fact they can't forget the moments. From these stories I realized that pets can be something important for someone's life and can give valuable memories.Source:

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