Memour Of My First Day Of School For Creative Writing Class Silvestri Creative Writing Essay

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Creative Writing
13 September 2018
Sitting in the hot car as I watched rain start fall made me think that morning, it made me feel calm within the chaos as I was getting to have an eventful and horrible day… I woke up at 6am, my sister came bursting into my room telling me it was time to wake up. I looked outside and saw the palm tree out my window as i always do, and realized where i was, Las Vegas Nevada, not Pittsburgh. Of course it was my first day at a new school. I expected nothing more than a jolt of anxiety, but instead i came intense dread. I haven't been to a school since December before i got my tonsils out on the 12th. Let alone that this school had 1,800 students in a grade, and i came from Avonworth let’s keep in mind. I didn’t know what to expect, It was January and I was just now starting school here. So many frightening possibilities came into my mind as I sat up in bed, but I didn't have time to think any longer. So I got up and did my routine I remembered how to do from what seemed forever ago. I wanted to slam my head off the wall ,but instead I did my makeup, and brushed my teeth. I then put on a pair of ripped jeans and a T-shirt, and looked at my busy family getting everything ready like is was the first thing on earth we had to do to survive. So much stress and bad feelings were in the air. No one was ready or prepared for this day. I went outside, because now everyone inside was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Going outside it felt hot and dry, but of course it did we did move to Las Vegas, which is a desert after all. Then it started to remind me of home, cloudy and a breeze of fresh cold air. Home sickness was the worst. I missed my friends, my family, and believe it or not my school. I felt the horrible stress when i started to get into the car. My mom and my sister then climbed in and we were ready to go. It started to pour, which was unusual, because it rarely ever rains in Vegas. We then pulled out of the driveway and we were on our way. The drive there, was almost silent. We all were dreading this i think. Then we finally pulled up. Since it was our first day of school my mom had to go into the office with us. When we went to the doors we all had to walk through metal detectors to even get in. Then we walked to the office and then my mom signed some papers and me and my sister had to wait in line of new students to meet with a counselor. This was odd because usually only one , maybe two coincidently, people start the same exact day of school, somewhat late in the school year. Anyways as i waited i sat next to my sister and mom. After awhile a lady came up to me and my sister and handed us stickers that had our names on them and a piece of paper that had our grade level. Even a while after that we got our names called and we each went with a seperate counselor, since there was one for each grade level. I said goodbye to my mom and she then said “Have a great day at school” and then left...


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