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Men And Women Are Different Essay

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Men and women are different. These differences promote problems and misunderstandings between the genders. Men and women both need to understand gender differences. The differences between males and females can be overcome by gender understanding, rather than Descriptions of male and female characteristics are generalizations. "One size" does not fit all! The problem with labels is that all men are not one way while all women are another way. Mena nd women are more or less one way.Women!! Women are more likely to be oriented ...view middle of the document...

Men are more likely to have many activity buddies. Women are more likely to worry about their appearance. Men are less likely to worry about their appearance. Women are less likely to be concerned with appearances when choosing a mate. Men are more likely to be concerned with appearances when choosing a mate. Women are less likely to care what others think about their mate's appearance. Men are more likely to care what others think about their mate's appearance. Women are more likely to worry about others. Men are less likely to worry about others.Women are more likely to blame self. Men are more likely to blame others, at least at first Women are more likely to apologize. Men are less likely to apologize. Women are less likely to want to be right. Men are more likely to want to be right. Women are more talkative in private. Men are more talkative in public. Women are more likely to avoid conflict, particularly in relationships. Men are more likely to seek conflict even in relationships. Women are less likely to be sarcastic. Men are more likely to be sarcastic. Women are more likely to give attention to others. Men are more likely to want attention from others. Women are less likely to ask for a date. Men are more likely to ask for a date.

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