Men Or Women : Who Lies More In A Relationship?

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Through out the stages of a relationship, from the initial meeting up through married years men and women never stop lying to and deceiving each other. Though society likes to make us believe that the majority of this lying is done by men, and studies have even proven this to be true. The facts are that these studies can be questioned and proved to be biased and untrue. Another thing is that by looking at the stages of a relationship from the first meeting to dating and up through marriage. It can be said in confidence and without question. Women lie and deceive more during the course of a relationship then men.Through observing men and women during their initial meeting and the conversation ...view middle of the document...

For during the dating stage both parties are trying to pursue the relationship and take it to the next level. What we see many times during this stage is that both the man and woman are trying to keep up the deception that was started at the first meeting and are both still trying to impress the other. According to a study done by Ohio State University, during the courting stage both men and women use deception and lies at an equal level. The woman tends to deceive the man in their appearance and the man will use lies to make the woman believe he is more financially stable then he may be (). The reasons for these lies are due to the fact that men are more physical personalities and look more towards appearance and women tend to look for mates that are better suited for long term commitment and marriage.During the courting stage we also see a rise in the amount of deception being uncovered. According to the Science Journal, while dating and learning about each other woman are more likely to catch a man lying. Men tend to pile lies upon lies where as women will tell one lie and stay with it. It is here that women will be looking to see how honest that their possible mate is so they are more tuned into things that may seem untrue (). It is during this stage that men start to become known as liars. Because as they get caught more often society labels them with an unfair stereotype as liars.If the relationship makes it through the dating stage, it will normally enter into either a long term relationship stage or marriage. Physiologist Walter Freeman tells us that once a relationship passes into the marriage arena most lies have been uncovered and though there is a period of adjustment for both men and women. It is after this adjustment that deception and lies begin again ().Once locked into marriage or a long term relationship. Lies and deceptions not previously uncovered will come to light. When this begins to happen both spouses will begin to start looking for lies and deceptions and all the ones that had not been uncovered will start to come to light. Surveys done in 1992 by UCLA showed that 15 % of men cheated on their spouse while only 8% of women did. In a study done by UCLA in 2003 The gap closed considerably, in that study 12% of men admitted to cheating while...

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